Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Using now-Ha2ku by ha2tim

'It's just the sun rising...'Image by *Seraphina* via Flickr
Sun will rise and set/
But it will always be now/
Be still, absorb it/

What will you do with your Now. Will you waste it worrying about tomorrow, fretting about what you did in the past or will you use it to become a better you. It amazes me as I look around this world and see all of the things that are designed to keep us focused on everything but our Now. We are made to feel as if we are inadequate in the present and are constantly pushed toward focusing on a future that is not promised. Rather than taking the time we are given to truly get to know ourselves.
You are the most beautiful and powerful person there is, and yet you may spend your time focusing on everything but getting to know this as fact. I am here to remind you of this fact today. The task that I give you is to remind others. Remind them to use their time today to help themselves by learning about their greatness, and using that greatness to help others. Remind them to use their time between the rise and the setting of the sun to learn something new about this world and in turn learn more about themselves.
This journey we are on is about us becoming the best we can be, but we cannot become that if we are focused on everything but the Now. take time for yourself today, and smell the flowers of life. Take a walk and enjoy the changing season. Take some time and compliment someone today. Shine like the sun for you are a star. Allow your light to shine on more than just your work. allow your light to shine on this world, helping others to see the true path they were born to walk, and as you help others your path will become clearer to you.
Be still in the moment and absorb the beauty that is around you, and allow everything around you to absorb your beauty also. When we do this; when we take these moments to still our minds, emotions, and spirit we become part of a larger order. From this larger order we are able to see our place in it, and we are exposed to the paradox of life. In this paradox we don't find the answers, we find the questions; these questions empower us by making us conscious in the Now. In this SelfMastery system we understand that consciousness is the first step to true greatness. So wake up in this moment. Stop crying about what was, and stop fearing what could be. For in the total scheme of things (the universe) in this Moment, right here and Now you are more powerful than the past (what you were) and the future (what you can become). Be still, absorb, and use the time you are given to wake up (Become conscious) in the Now.
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