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Crying (weeping)-Ha2ku

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While in pain I weeped/
My soul opened to answers/
Secrets were revealed/
I have been fortunate in my life to have been blessed to sit at the feet of some the wisest men and woman. They have taught me a lot and some of the stories I will bring to you through my blog, and videos. I have one elder who taught me an important lesson about 14 years ago and it has finally sunk in. This elder is a major part of The SIMBA Nation, and his lesson came to me by way of a question that he not only asked me, but he continues to still ask every potential NationBuilder in the SIMBA Nation. The question is simply "when was the last time you cried?" Seems like a simple question on paper, but when asked in an interview process and also dealing with many of the "false" lessons of manhood. This simple question sends you for a loop.
The question hit home for me while I was taking care of my youngest daughter. She began to cry and I did everything in my power to find out what  was causing her discomfort, and it hit me. When we cry we are asking or screaming for help. We open ourselves to the universe to send help our way.
Now this forces us to change how we see the universe as well as how we see our Creator. We have to be open to the fact that we have been lied to about this place we live. We have been convinced that we live in a universe that is ruled by entropy (confusion), and we are at the whim of an angry deity that put us here to serve it. When we begin to look at the power of weeping and crying we have to begin to see that the universe that we are in, and the Creator that made it cares for us. Through its caring it will answer our cries like a parent will answer the cries of a baby. When we cry to the Creator, just like we respond to our children we have to know that Creator through the creation will respond to us. I know that this for many is hard to believe due to the way we have been taught about the universe and the Creator. Many of us have been spiritually, emotionally, and mentally ripped to pieces by these systems that make sure we know that the universe is to big, we are to small, and that the Creator is to busy to answer us. So we live our lives in hope half heartedly asking for help from this being that for all intensive purposes has become a stranger to us. One of the qualities that all spiritual systems can agree on is that the Creator  is omni-present. This basically means that the Creator is in all places at all times. Yes that does include in and with you. Im saying that when we cry we plug directly into this Creative power. When we begin to weep or cry about a situation it usually happens from fatigue, frustration, anger, saddness, and etc.. When we reach this point we usually are asking and are open enough to recieve help. When we cry we release the the stress and pain, and if we are open allow healing to flow into our lives. This is a secret that we always knew but through our socialization in life we forgot how to use it, or some of us abused it. The fact for those of you that are embarking on your journey, another powerful weapon at your disposal are your tears. When you properly learn to use them they will not only shield you in battle, they will bring in reenforcement to our aid. We just need to learn that we our not separate from our Source. When we allow our tears to flow they clear the trash of this world so that we can see the Truth.

The question I now want to ask you is the question that my elder asked me 14 years ago, and be honest with yourself "when was the last time you cried?"

Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
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