Monday, November 1, 2010

Mind states

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Mind states set up life/
They produce thoughts that lead us/
Back from wence they came/
The mind is our tool/weapon that we were given to operate in this world. What are you feeding it? How are you feeding it? Or do you prefer to let others feed it.
The mind gives birth to ideas, those help form attitudes, attitudes create our perceptions, from perception flows our action, which create reactions from the world. This forms the way we interact with the world producing our lifestyles. All these forces work together to form a feed back loop that send information back to the mind starting the whole process over. It is important to understand the power of this process. By changing a small part in this process you can change your whole life. By taking time to change what we feed our mind we change our thoughts, and in changing our thoughts we change our attitude, a changed attitude changes our perception of the world and ourselves, changed perceptions changes our actions, this changes the reactions we receive which in turn changes our life.

By monitoring this process we can make small changes in our life that really can make a difference in our lives. By taking time to monitor what flows into our mind we can take control of what we think. Which is actually the first lesson that initiates had to master in the mystery systems established all over the world. Our ancestors focused on controlling the thoughts because they knew that what a wo/man thought about they were sure to become. Now take some time to see what have you been thinking about in your life. has it been focused thought or just random? Have you thought about what you want in your life, or what you don't want?

Our minds controls the life energy(axe', chi, ki, prana, yao and etc.), and forms it into thoughts. This life force builds up over time and attracts similar energy to itself. This energy can help or hinder us on our path. That is why we need to understand this process and feed our minds properly. We need to monitor it, and go on a mental diet, and in some cases take a mental fast.
In future blogs we will talk about some small steps we can take in SelfMastery that helps move us toward controlling this process. You can also find some hints in past blogs. So join me on this Gye-Nyame Journey.

Brother Ha2tim
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