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We learn by questions/
Questions light fire of mind/
that burns to the Truth/
Ha2ku by ha2tim

When did we stop asking questions? I have noticed that during my SelfMastery coaching sessions that I don't get a lot of questions. I have also noticed a drop in questions in some of the lectures that I attend as well. What happened to that desire to know more than was revealed. Have we surrendered to our training and now just except what we are told?

I remember when I was younger, I use to get in trouble and embarrassed for asking questions. I was made to feel stupid for asking, but I did not care and still asked questions. Questions are what we use to sharpen our minds. In junior high I learned about basic questions that I feel some of us need to dust off and begin to use again: Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How.

While talking to myself, as I was writing this blog, my Grand Father over heard what my subject was and he stated, " we stopped asking questions because the answer usually did not benefit us. By asking questions about injustice you would put yourself and your family at jeopardy, and could loose your position and in some cases your life." My grandfather is over 80, and he came up in a different time, but it is strange that some of the ideas that he was raised under still effects my generation , my children and grand children still to this day. In order to improve our lives, and the lives of those around us we need to learn the art and science of asking questions. We need to overcome the fear of challenging those in power by using the power of our minds to ask the basic questions. You may be looked at as a trouble maker, as an outcast, and etc., But you will be in good company. History is full of individuals who asked questions. To blindly follow and do what is commanded of you by anyone or anything, to me is foolishness. Ask questions to keep your sword (mind) sharpened and cleaned. Use you sword to protect those around by asking the questions that they may fear to ask.

Most importantly remember, not only ask questions of others but ask yourself questions. This is where the major work is done in our process. You must be willing to not only direct questions at the world, but you must , and I stress must questions yourself. This forces you to grow, this forces you to clean out the closet of your personal life. This helps you deal with addictions, and habits that no longer serve you. Questions empower you, but if you only direct them outwards you become blind to your own failings. You become the bothersome questioner that inhibits his/her own growth as well as others. By clogging up the process with useless questions that are designed to make you look intelligent rather than opening discussions so that genuine knowledge can be shared.
Questions to ask yourself Today???
1.Who are YOU
2.What are You Doing with your life?
3. Where are You going in this life?
4.When will You make the necessary changes?
5. Why did You choose this place and time to be born?
6. How will You accomplish your Purpose?
Co-Authored By Cleven Brown I
Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
HipHop Philosopha & Shaman
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