Saturday, December 18, 2010

Busy doin nothin-Ha2ku

Busy not doing/
Nothing is consuming time/
To busy to grow/

On this journey we have to make sure that we just don't move for movement sake. Sometimes we can over crowd our day with absolutely nothing, and when someone disturbs our empty day in which we are doing nothing; we get upset.

Now, we have to take some days for ourselves and do nothing, but the days I'm referring to now are different. These days can be marked by a complaint about not having enough time to complete our taks, but you may have had 10 FB updates in an hour, been letting everyone know whats going on with you through your tweets,  you may have viewed 5 YouTube videos about unrelated subjects, and you are in the midst of 3 different text conversations. Come on fam....?

We become so busy in unproductive activities that we end up pushing what is important or what we say is important  to the back of our life. Settle down, put down your nothing and complete your task. Trust me FB will be there they just hit 500million users so I promise they will be around for you. Same with tweeter,  gmail, you tube, linkedin , and etc..

*remember you can tell what a person worships by where they focus a majority of their attention, and what they love by "what they serve".

Question: Where does the majority of your focus go in life? (you might get a better answer if you ask a 3rd party that you are close to)

Question: What do you serve?

Peace & 1Hunidyears

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