Sunday, December 19, 2010

Change your view

1921 Morgan Silver DollarImage by Mark Sardella via Flickr
Blessing and road blocks/
are two faces of same coin/
Simply change your view!/
Are you being confronted by a blessing or obstacle. It all depends on how you look at it. Could it be that many of us miss out on our blessing because we are looking from the wrong viewpoint? We are only seeing one side of the cosmic coin. We begin to think what we are seeing or experiencing what is real when in fact it is only half of reality.
The best news in the world for those that are on this journey is that reality flows between two opposite poles. What this means is that all situations that we end up in are dual. We just have to b e wise enough to see. Our elders always said things like "every cloud has a silver lining", and etc.. It is impossible, I repeat impossible for anything to exist in this universe that does not have some interaction with the poles. In other words every situation and thing has a positive and negative side. We just have to find them. So every blessing has an obstacle and every obstacle has a blessing. I know that this is hard to believe. We exist in a wondrous universe that once we understand the laws we can apply them and get results. This is one of the first to master.
Now this law does not demand that we become stoic or consistently happy. What it helps us to understand is that we have the personal choice to find or ignore opportunities at will. Hell, most of us do this anyway (have any challenging relationships in your life). On this journey the longer you travel the more power you get, so keep it moving, and continue to grow.
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