Friday, December 10, 2010

entrepreneur- Ha2ku

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America needs/
Entrepreneurs creating/
Not jobs to be worked/

Men and Women with vision is what is needed today. We need those that are willing to create jobs, and not just search for them. While speaking to many young people in my community the major thing that I hear repeatedly is about the need for jobs. It seems as if we are in denial about the state of the world. Jobs are vanishing, and leaving opportunity for those who train themselves to see them. We must spark the desire to create jobs. We must foster the entrepreneurial spirit in ourselves and our youth. The day of the government and/or factory job is going the way of the dinosaur. We will be forced to fend for ourselves.This for most will sound terrifying but for those on their Journey this sounds like opportunity. In times of change and confusion that is when the s/heroes rise to create something new. The new mind state that has to come from those on their Journey is how do we provide employment? How do we create value? What skills do I have? what can I teach? what do I need to learn? Where is my Tribe? and etc.. In times like these we get to see our spiritual power in action. Many of us on this journey have to create "bricks from mud", we have have to do the impossible. We have to create value where their is perceived to be none. We have to create opportunities in places that are perceived to be barren. We have to plug into that Higher Power and tap our true creative potential. The opportunities that lie with us now are incredible. This is definitely a time for s/heroes.

We will be the ones that have step up for our kids and our elders. The State has shown us that they are not capable to take care of themselves. Why would or should we trust them with our living libraries (Elders), and our future (children). To do so, would be madness. so let's tap that creativity to become the entrepreneurs that our communities as well as this Nation needs.

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