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America needs/
Entrepreneurs creating/
Not jobs to be worked/
An example of a social network diagram.We are in a
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 new time. A time where job security no longer exist. Where the best way to keep a job is to create one. This is a different view for many, but it is necessary in todays economic climate. We have to force past the old paradigm of corporation and the state being able to provide for us in old age. We are living in an unstable time. We have to be bold enough to create for ourselves. Jobs today are not perminent, they should be viewed as vehicles for the moment. That help us build toward our own businesses.
Take a look at your life and see what it is you can do to provide for you and yours, and take time to develop it. Do you like writing, are you a comedian, actor, rapper, do you hide your interest inpublic office, do you like solving puzzles, are really a numbers nerd, and etc.. What ever it is you love use your imagination and the resources around you to figure out how you can make "your come up". This is a magnificient time that we live in. When ever chaos is active opportunities await. For those bold enough to reach for them.
I am presently experimenting with the internet and looking at some of the opportunities that it provides. For years I have been working on books, and poetry. I recently started sharing my writting with the world, through the internet and social networks. What I have figured out finally for myself is that the internet is a new frontier, and rather than just use the social networks, and etc. I decided to conquer a piece of the territory. That's right the internet is territory, and those that claim their territory can use it to produce for them. By setting up sites, profiles,blogs and etc.. You have staked your claim, and whether you recognize it or not you can benefit if you provide quality products. This is what I am in the process of doing.
Take time this weekend and think about how you can create yourself an opportunity to support yourself and others. Can you build a business using what you have. Job availiabilty is shrinking, but your creativity is and has always been boundless. You are the savior of todays economy so what are you waiting for, claim your territory.
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