Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Miracles II-Ha2ku

Illustration of human body changes by breathingImage via Wikipedia
Miracles happen/
Your life is a miracle/
Take breath, be happy
We have so many miracles happening that it has become normal for us, so we ignore them. Open your eyes and see the beautiful miracles that surround you. Take some time to force yourself to notice. Your Creator is screaming for your attention. Open your eyes and your soul, and take this journey. If you can't appreciate the small things, you will never be able to handle the large.
*Waking up - miracle
*Watching your children grow - miracle
*Taking a breath- miracle
But the biggest miracle is your Life. You are a walking masterpiece. Blessed beyond your wildest dreams, but you have been lied to. Know that you are what you have been waiting for. Open your heart and love yourself, accept yourself and take a breath and be happy. Oh yeah I forgot to mention join the Journey.

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