Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Name your purpose

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When you name something/
You own it, and can define/
Now name your purpose/

Check out this video then read Blog:

When I view this video many thoughts run through my mind. I am reminded about trying to hide my tears when I saw it for the first time. When I was young this movie was all the rage, everyone I knew at the time were in and sitting down in front of the TV to view Roots. The thought that had been placed in me during that time has constantly haunted me. Why was it so important for Kunta to accept the name that was given to him. Being so young I could not understand, but as a much older man today I do.

The goal on this journey is to take everything that comes our way and find the lesson. The lesson that I am able to pick out of this video at this time, is the power of naming something. Historically those that named a thing had power over that thing. When I look back in history we can see this over and over again. This is because in naming you also have the power to define. For example in the bible Adam was given dominion over the earth and the animals. He was given the power to name all the animals, which gave him a magic power over all of them. The name of a thing or a person was seen as a sacred thing that needed to be protected. In the "African openings to the Tree of Life" it states that, "in the original name is the essence", by having a things true name or being able to rename it gave you power over it. That is why you hear stories based on sacred beings and peoples keeping their true name secret. For example there is a story about Auset (Isis) tricking Ra out of his true name and in doing this she received power over him. Also I have heard found in my studies that the reason that some cities and deities also hid there names so they could not be invoked and then used by the wrong people. For example KMT (Egypt), and YVHV. Names, the ability to name, and also define for thousands of years was a very serious power. It is only in our day and time that we do not understand nor respect this power. This is something that we all have access to but we neglect it. While those that understand this power use it against us.

Now I am not trying to go into ancient history and Myths but I do want to make sure you understand where I am coming from in my analysis of the clip. By taking Kunta's name he was destroyed symbolically, and all the people around him where also reminded of their positions and their own destruction. This destruction that I am talking was a result of loosing control of their names, their ability to define their world, and most importantly themselves.  Now Lets get to you and your life. What force has stripped you of your name, and your ability to define? Have you taken the time to define yourself as well as your world? Have you realized the  power of the name? Now back to the title Ha2ku, have you taken the time to name and define your purpose? If not, take time to do this and bring in your New year by calling your purpose to you. You may be surprised at how quickly it will come to you.
Peace & 1Hunidyears

Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
HipHop Philosopha & Shaman
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