Friday, December 17, 2010

Smoke & Mirrors

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Smoke and Mirror used/
To throw you off your life path/
Certify yourself/
Where can you go to get permission to pursue your life path? Who can you talk to be allowed to do what you were born to do?
These may sound like stupid questions, but many of us are looking for just that. We have been groomed to stand in line, wait our turn, and have fun only during recess. We have been taught to value a person not by the Wisdom they may possess, but by their degrees or certifications.
The old bait and switch trick has been worked on us.  Beware smoke and mirrors are in effect. These are tricks to keep an enemy or subordinates confused. The only way that someone without power or lack of superior numbers can win a battle is through trickery, and we have been tricked. We spend our lives pursuing others permission and certification when in fact you were born with a stamp of approval. Understand; that I am not saying to stop learning, by all means get knowledge, but get stuck waiting for someone else to finally say you are worthy.
I am here to tell you that we have all we need to succeed. Some where in the time line, education got switched with indoctrination. This has a long track record in the history of man, so we can't just blame this on modern day leaders. Kingdoms, chiefdoms, empires, and etc. have strived to keep the populace either dumbed down or as we see to day trained to serve the elite. Somewhere in our time line we were fooled into believing  that reciting from memory was more important than creating from the heart.
Once again there is nothing wrong with pursuing knowledge, but always remember that knowledge is just an addition. You are not nor have you ever been an empty vessel that needed to be filled. You are and have always been full, you just needed to be reminded of the things you forgot. When education was switched from pulling out the wisdom in a being- to putting doctrine into a blank slate, humanity began to fall. You are greater than any degree or certification you could ever pursue. Before you seek the approval of others seek it first from yourself. If you choose to pursue the degrees, and etc., understand those degrees (bachelors, masters, PhDs), nor the certifications,  make you. YOU MAKE THEM !!!
So don't fall for the smoke and mirrors. Peer through this systems fake magic and get what it is you seek without loosing yourself. Remember those on this Journey are to wise to fall for the old "banana in the tale pipe trick". Get knowledge, grow into Wisdom and  certify yourself
Peace & 1Hunidyears
Brother Ha2tim
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