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Terror; enhanced fear/
Leads now to enhanced pat downs!/
Terrorist have won!!!/

Terror is nothing but enhanced fear. When the people are terrorized they loose faith in each other and the government(leadership). If the government or leadership show that they are afraid, the people begin to trust them even less. Then next comes different forms of internal rebellion and bickering, while the ones that have caused the enhanced fear go untouched. This ultimately leads to a small victory for the outsiders (cause of the terror). Create enough small victories and the large ultimate victory will take care of its self.

Fear is a virus that is very contagious and once it begins to spread the only cure is massive doses of love. I need to be clear that right now im speaking to the individuals  reading this article. The terror that I want to really discuss is the terror attacks that may be plaguing you. What enhanced fear have you been dealing with that may have caused you to shut your life, dreams, and/or heart down. What tower in your soul was destroyed by a planned attack from a percieved external enemy, that now has forced you to close your boarders, and no longer try anything or anyone new. like I said earlier that fear is a virus, and the best way to deal with it in yourself is with massive doses Love. Love yourself; stop looking for someone to come in to love you, stop waiting for recognition, Stop, just Stop: Now Start Loving you, the real you, realize that the person you have been waiting for is already here. Recognize yourself and efforts; Start moving toward what you want in life. You need no one's permission.

Now I know I started talking about enhanced pat downs, and Terrorist, and how they may have one this battle. I am not an expert on forien affairs or even National security, but I do realize that their are similiarities between a person trying to master themselves and a government trying to run a country. A lot of the times the cure although it has to be done on a more massive scale is the same. America like many of us needs to spend more time loving Herself. Because we can do enhanced pat downs of the body but we will never see what lies in a person heart.

So those on the Journey today take some time to Love you, before your internal affairs begin to look like this mess in the USA. I can imagine some of yall out there doing enhanced searches of everyone in your life, and to every opportunity looking for your enemy. Never looking in the mirror just like this country.
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