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why I use Haiku (Ha2ku)

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Haiku exercise/
forces thoughts into small space/
forming seeds that grow/

I have been surprised that no one has ever asked me why I use Haiku, or even inquired about why I call them ha2ku. i was challenged by a good friend one day to do haiku for a whole month, and I discovered the power of these small packages. Haiku forced me to convey an idea in 17 syllables. I had to change my whole thinking process to accomplish this task for a whole month. I have always thought that more was better. I guess I picked up this idea during my schooling. i would turn in papers and teachers would return it and tell me I needed more detail or that I needed to expand on an idea, and that is exactly what I did. Then when i moved into my career I had to learn to throw more fluff into my writing. It appeared that the whole world wanted me to write more, do more, and be more. We learn all these things growing up in the land of plenty. We base our whole self image on what we have and the more the better.

When I took the challenge to write haiku what,  I had been taught my whole life worked against me. At first I gave up in frustration, but being one on the Warrior path I could not surrender.  I forced my mind to start cutting out what was not necessary in my writing. Forcing my self to follow the ancient pattern that was set by the haiku (5 syllables first line, 7 syllables in the second line, 5 syllables in the wrap up line). What I discovered was a tool that I could use in my personal SelfMastery training. As I began to write my haiku sticking to the pattern, struggling to get it just right. This may sound crazy to some of yall out there, but I was falling in love with this thing called Haiku. although it was playing hard to get  I kept pushing. I began dedicating time during the day to think about haiku.
 I began to serve  Haiku and when we look at some ancient definitions of Love we find that it means simply "to serve".  This method of expression became my metaphorical master and I being a good student learned what my master had to teach. Then I realized that this was what mastery was all about. Finding what it is in life that we love and serve it. By serving it we are exposed to its secrets. when you serve something our someone they will push you to what you perceive are your limits. Once you cross this border within, you are exposed to your personal power and the True Self. It may last a life time or it may be a moment of realization. How ever it comes be open to receive the gift. I got headaches working with haiku and then one day I just relaxed, I let go. Laying in my bed I heard it raining outside, and it hit:

Rain falling outside
sound opens my soul and now
my eyes are open

I began seeing haiku everywhere and in everything. They began coming so fast that I can say that I have lost more haiku than I have written. This is when I decided to put my individual mark on the haiku. I began to call them Ha2ku. This represents for me the goal of becoming a master in writing Ha2ku. My goal is the same as the masters of the past to become one with my skill. I hope that you can find something in your life that you can also fall in love with and serve. when we do this we have no choice but to become the best at what we do, because their is no separation between you and your skill, or art. You can't beat someone like that because even in  defeat they are complete. Those of you that are on your Journey I challenge you to find something in this life to master.
Peace & 1hunidyears

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