Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blame shame and guilt

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Death is not worst thing/
That can happen living with/
Blame, Shame, and Guilt is/

Many of the people that i work with feel that death is the end, and the worst thing that can happen to a person. They are shocked when I reveal that death is not the worst thing. As a matter of fact death is a natural part of our evolution. Death is the door way to mystery, and because we fear the mystery we try to hold on to the life that we have. Even if that life is filled with pain and sorrow. First let's take a look at the process of life it is a very simple process that we try to battle. First step of Life for us (at least in this plane) will surprise most of my readers so bare with me. The first step is we decide that we want to return here. Then we select who we will come through. Now I know some of you are screaming mad swearing up and down that you did not choose to come here to this earth and experience this hell. I would challenge that view and this is why. When we look at all the spiritual sciences we find that at the root of all of them there is this thing call spirit that all of us have. This spirit has been here since what many will call the beginning. This spirit in modern science is called energy or at least a form of energy, and according to science this energy can not be created or destroyed it simples changes from one state to another. This is called the Law of conservation of energy. simple put all energy that is here has always and will always be here. It does not leave or disappear it just changes from state to state.
Next we are conceived and we enter this world as children. We grow to adulthood and in this process learn the lessons we came to learn (hopefully), and then we get old and transform (or what we call die). We Move from this physical state back to the state of mystery which many of us call spirit.
You can not escape transformation or your transition from this life to mystery. So stop trying (check out my blog called "death is coming")
Now Let's focus on the true things that we need to eliminate in our personal life to be successful on our Journey. These 3 dastardly, tricky, and cunning forms of fear pop up in each of our lives. We blame others and ourselves not realizing that this steals our axe' (life force), and robs us of any power that we have in our life. Because when we seek to place blame we are giving our power away. We are chasing shadows that fade as soon as we reach out to grasp them. Stop blaming and learn to forgive yourself first, and then others take your life back.
Now we move to shame, and living with her is like living with a weight around your neck. Because no matter what you do to over come it, there will always be a reminder. The remedy for this once again is learning to forgive again. Shame drains you and holding on to it is like hanging on to something radioactive. It slowly kills you by decaying you from the inside out. What we to realize is that we can set ourselves free from this disease, and begin to live the life we were meant to live. Forgive yourself, and forgive others. drop the weight of shame, or your life will continue to be a walk through HELL!!
Last form of fear that we will discuss is guilt. What have you done that you feel guilty about in your life. why do you hold on to it rather than take the steps to relieve yourself of this poison. Be strong and forgive yourself. then take moves to fix what it is that you feel guilty about. don't worry about other people forgiving you. Do the work that is required to right the wrongs you have committed.
These three can make life a nightmare, and on this Journey we warriors can't afford to carry this extra baggage. Let it go for it is worse than death.

Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
HipHop Philosopha & Shaman

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