Daily Toast- Kujichagulia 59171 "Mouth Breathing is killing you"

Peace FAM:
I am running into some powerful information about the power of the breath. I have been dealing with the concept of axe' in the breath for a long time, but now I have found scientific proof of the power of the breath, and even more importantly how the breath is taken in the body.
My friends and family it has finally been proven that breathing through the nose is the best way to breath, but it has also been shown to help an individual over come or better control obesity, impotence in life as well as erectiel dysfunction, diabetes, insomnia, anxiety, depression,      cardiovascular issues, GI disorders, and etc.. Proper Nostril breathing  helps strengthen  the immune system. This is a simple process that each of us can do to take control of our health. Proper breathing is powerful enough to move you toward health. There is absolutely no reason  why anyone can not take advantage of this. It is free, it is relaxing, and it can get you high, what more do you need.
For those that are taking the 21 Day Nguzo Saba Challenge we share with you GNJ's Axe' Breath which will help you with many ailments, keep you healthy, and move you toward SelfMastery. To keep up with GNJ and get exclusive content, and other breathing exercises sign up on this site.
Nuff Said
We wish you Peace, Power,Joy, &1hunidyears


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