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This is not my Life part 1

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Have you ever felt/
like screaming for all to hear/
"This is not my life!!!"

The young man sat crying talking to the old man ending his statement by saying "I feel like this is not my life, everything seems to be falling apart! When I joined this tribe I thought that yall would help me out, but it seems yall do nothing but give me proverbs and other bullshit that dont help me or feed my family.". The old man had been sitting listening to the young man vent for what seemed like hours, and with this last statement the old man just smiled at the young man
"Young man I have listened to you for a while now. You came into the club house looking like you was carrying the world on your shoulders, and I allowed you to vent. I have allowed you to expose your burdens to me, and have extended my compassion and empathy, but yet you feel that it is more that i and this tribe should do."
The young man now wiping the tears from his eyes, and taking a sip of his drink, appeared to begin to reflect upon his last statement.
"Big bra I am sorry, i spoke out of frustration. I feel trapped and overwhelmed by everything going on in my life. I feel I need help, and not just words of wisdom."
He stopped looked down at his drink lifted it up and took another sip. Before he could collect his thoughts the elder pu t his hands on his shoulder as if to support him.
"Listen yougster have have been where you are right now, and believe it or not the best thing I and your other brother's can do for you now is to give you words of wisdom to help you through these times. This is your time of growth and from this time you will either become Gye-Nyame or you will be shattered and us aiding you with material objects would do nothing but delay the truth from coming out.'
The young man put down his cup with anger welling up in his soul.
"What truth are yall waiting to see! I'm starting to believe that all this tribe shit is a bunch of bullshit." Many of yall are well to do and could easily help me out, but It seems yall want me to suffer."
The old man looked really  at the young man and began to laugh.
"The truth that we are waiting to see is who you really are!"
The young once again looked down at his class and killed the last little bit of liquid in it.
"elder I apologize I am stressed out these days."
The elder looking the young man directly in the eyes.
" I understand no offense taken, this is why we require individuals to have sponsors because we all need some one to talk to, who won't take our outburst personal and give us guidance."
The old man stopped and took a sip of the liquid in his cup, and made a horrible face.
"This phoenix blood is extremely strong today, I wonder who made this batch. Must have been one of the elders of the tribe, because the cayenne is running through me."
The elder took ran the sleeve of his shirt across his forhead, wiping away some sweat.
"Well, now i'm going to give you something that i know you don't want."
the young man who had been looking down as if he was ashamed for anothr outburst with a fake smile.
"What's that elder?" 
"A story and some wise words, but first let me ask you a simple question."
"shoot" the young man said.
"what is a warrior?"
The young man looked at the Elder, in amazement.
"i'm sitting here in sever pain and you want to....."
before who could finish the elder put his finger up as if asking for a moment of silence.
"Little brother, if you would please...Indulge an old man and just answer the question."
with a look of utter frustration the young man responded.
"one who is involved or experienced in conflict!"
" can recite it so why don't you live it?"
"dont get philosophical with me old man, i do Live it."
"No you dont, you just recite it. You have mastered only the 1st level of learning, what about the second, and then the third?"
"I did what i was instructed to do i learned my questions."
"You have not learned your questions, you have memorized your questions! I know some members with birds that can do that. You have not taken it upon yourself to go deeper, with the questions especially the first one. If you had you would not be complaining about where you are now. I know this because you are avoiding the ultimate conflict."

Story will continue on saturday

Brother Ha2tim
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  1. Modern tales...these are stories we should be sharing among us...pass the stories on...pass on the lessons...I salute you warrior! I am so proud of you!I will be telling the story! ASE!