Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Breath is important/
                               if you are not breathing right/ 
your brain is not tight/
I was sitting in a class about neuroscience and learning. I am currently at a conference in Atlanta (which by the way has about 50 streets named peach tree, what's up with that), and my first workshop taught and reminded me about how not just children learn, but some important keys for all of us.
*First our brains can produce new brain cells, and this process can be initiated by exercise. *The brain is malleable which means that no matter how old you are you can still change the brain through learning.
* The brain needs a brake (and automatically shuts down after 10 minutes) to process and assimilate new information.
*The brain processes a lot of information while we are sleep or relaxed.
*For those of you that are depressed it has been found that 30 minutes of exercise is equal to taking a prozac
* For those that are hyper active or have hyper active kids, 15 minutes of playing with a loved one is equal to taking ridlin.
* you can boost your memeory by simply utilizing all more of your senses in the process (sight, hearing, touch, and etc..)
Now those are just some of the facts that was shared in th workshop, but the meat of what they was talking about was increasing children's ability to learn. The presenter first showed us a picture of the brain and broke it down into three basic parts. Each part of the brain handled a different need that needed to be fulfilled so that real learning can take place. Those on the journey this information will not be new because they are using techniques and ideas that have been floating around in the self development community forever, but good to see that these ideas have been proven in a lab, and now is being advocated for use in learning.
1. The most primitive part of the brain (reptile brain) is concerned with safety. If safety is not present learning can not take place.
2. The mammal part of the brain is concerned finding connection. If no emotional connection is not found learning can not take place either.
3. The part of the brain that makes us human Frontal cortex (I think)  is concerned with problem solving, but only switches on after the needs of the first 2 needs from the older parts of the brain our met. Plus this part of the brain on average does not mature until the age of 24. When this part of the brain is functioning it is called the executive state.
Now they really caught my attention when they began to talk about states because this is what all the self help programs including SelfMastery strives to teach the user to control. The state of our brain leads to the state of our minds and the state of our minds becomes the state of our life.
They then laid out a process (system) that can be used to control the state that the students are in. These are steps we can use to help us set our own personal state as well (they stressed that the students state depends heavily on the state that the teacher is in) starting with the teacher putting themselves in a positive state because it produces better learning. Here are the steps, those that are reading my book check the similarity:
Create an activity to connect (greeting with eye contact for example)
Create an activity to unite (chants, songs and etc..)
An activity calming (meditation, but they call it belly breathing)
an activity to commit (giving a duty, build a family group)
Basically create and use ritual to promote a learning state on the Journey we call this warriorship and NationBuildin.
I know that this is old information for some of you, but it is good to review. It makes me feel good that the ideas that I have been seeking and use are now being used everywhere including the schools that my babies go to. Now the challenge is for those of us on the Journey and are serious we need to bring them home. Think about how you can use some of the information to improve not only you but those that live with you.
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