Dieing daily- SelfMastery trai

Sunset and I die/
                    Sunrise and I do as well/                                                                          
                        The endless cycle/
We have hit week 3 of the training. I was shuting the enrollment down but I will extend it for another session. Some people came late this class and I want to take away all excuses when I finally shut it down.
Once again we had to review to bring the new up to speed and that is cool, because something new always comes out. While in the midst of this session a powerful idea that I covered in more detail came to me afterward. We once again was talking about what the Self was and I gave the Gye-Nyame SelfMastery™ definition of Self (the absolute, complete and perfect qualities of a being that is not determined or defined by external circumstances) and the question about what the Self was composed of moved through me. Immediately the idea of axe'  came to mind.
In class we have discussed the importance of axe' to the multiverse. For those that don't know axe' for those that don't know is the life force. This life force is described in many other cultures you may recognize the terms prana (India), chi (China), and ki (Japan). Some other terms that I have run into that have a similar meaning to axe' (which is Yoruba, and you will see it spelled ache, or ashe as well) are yao (Ghana), wakan (Lakota), and psychic force (western). I am still learning new days about this power, harnessing this power is a major factor in SelfMastery™. Axe' is what the multiverse is formed from. This energy is everywhere and everything, it connects us to each other and everything else. When we began our conversation about Self and its composition the idea of the Self being concentrated axe' that is being expressed through us.
This turned out to be a beautiful conversation and possible a new book coming out of the Journey in time. We also covered the "Player's Pyramid", the importance of of symbols, an example of how to use symbols, we discussed the significance of the pyramid in the training, discussed principles, clarified personal principle systems, and discussed how to use the 7 tools  briefly.
Next week we will go more in depth on how the 7 tools, we will begin to look at the power of stories and why and how we should use them.
Hope to see you there..
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