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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Parasitic Invasion- Daily Toast Kujichagulia 530171

Peace FAM:
I have the creeps, after doing this research looking into parasites. I am shocked that these little critters effect almost every part of our body. They are even known to influence our choices, as far as food, and even effect our emotions. There are Protozoan parasites that are famous for causing  sickneses like malaria, tapeworms, flukes, roundworms, and the many different varities that each of these bugs come in. They sit inside of us growing off of us causing all forms illness, and now is the tie for you to take control back. In Gye-Nyame Journey I constantly stress that all of the principles we practice start from with in. I guess liberation starts within as well. We have to make major moves to get rid of these critters within us, so that we can focus the energy to take our lives and tribes back. What bothers me the most is that these little bastards inside of us appear to be working for our enemies. They contribute to us eating less vegitables, by making them undesirable. They call out for sugar, starch, and carbs that do nothing but destroy us, making us physically and mentally weak. it appears that we have no allies FAM, none but our ancestors.
This little research I have done has sparked in me the desire to create "That Detox Ambrosia", I will include the incredients that will kill and chase this bastards up and out of us. I will use "That Ambrosia Vingar", other herbs that are none for destroying these worms that are destroying our lives. I believe that these worms are possesing us and causing many of us to work against our own and group self interst. They hijack our Kujichagulia and ruin us. The only good thing about this is that my Elders taught me to look into every problem and find the opportunity. The opportunity here is for a super detox that uses the power of "That Ambrosia" if you are interested in being  the first hit me up at "That Ambrosia".
For those that want to go farther sign up for the 21 Day Nguzo Saba Challenge

Monday, April 24, 2017

Daily Toast- Umoja 424171 "Drama"

Peace FAM:
I hope this day finds you standing in Peace, Power, & Joy, our true natural state. Unfortunately we are bombarded with anti-virtues that strives to pull us from this natural state into a spiral that often ends in a wreck. One of these your anti-virtues that i will focus on today is "drama". Drama is an inescapable part of life, but the issue is when it is magnified, stressed upon by others, and then thrust into your existence. FAM the truth of the matter is that you do not have to buy into others over dramatization of life events. Actually it will benefit you greatly if you did not. We are surrounded by these over dramatic episodes today in ways that our ancestors never were. We are bombraded with news, timelines, comments, phone calls, tweets, photos, and etc., that strive to keep us involved and a part of needless drama. This need is driven by a lack of attention, and a lack of purpose. the drama springs up and begin to eat at the unity of the group, and eventually people walk away exhausted and frustrated. If we want to grow, we have to learn to re-frame situations and subtract the over dramatic depictions. Checkout the video and let me know what your thoughts are.
Remember to take the 21 Day Nguzo Saba Challenge, and if you want to release the Warrior within be on the lookout for the 21 week warrior training, make sure you register with Gye-Nyame Journey to stay updated and to get exclusive content, and discounts on GNJ merchandise.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

3 levels of learning

Levels of learning/
There are three within our tribe/

In the Gye-Nyame Tribe we focus on 3 levels of learning. The idea is that if we can explain the process of learning, at least the way we see it, this will make it easier for those involved to not only learn the information they need for our Tribe, but it will make life long learning a lot easier.
These levels of learning were stumble upon by watching the growth of many organizations and individuals over 20 year period.
The first level memorization is the building block for the next 2 levels. This is where we take in new information and become familiar enough with it to answer basic questions. The goal is to learn the information verbatim. We also use a scribing method to help with this part of the process. I have personally witness this simple method boost the confidence and information level of people in my Tribe, and in the many other organizations that proceeded it.
After the information has been digested, we have to help move the participant to the next level. We have to make sure that they understand that the information that they have memorized is just that information. We have to make sure that everyone in the tribe understand that there is a difference between information and knowledge, and encourage them to move to the next level.
The next level for us is what we call the intelligence of the mind. This is the gateway to knowledge. The participant begins to transform the information that they have been memorizing into useable knowledge. The begin to digest the information and turn it into energy for there mind. They are now ready to really sit down and discuss what they have been learning, and expand upon it. They now begin to look at the information in different ways and come up with new points of view that they can share, argue and debate. They take a personal ownership of the information and in doing that they transform it into knowledge. So now they can not only regergitate what they have learned but now they speak on it intelligently.
This phase is where most people get trapped, because the same mistake can be made on this level that was made on the previous level. Knowledge gets confused with wisdom. Which are as different as information is from knowledge.
With proper guidance and experience from actually applying the knowledge they have gained. The participant begins to recieve insight. This insight grows from wrestling with the knowledge that has been attained. From questions themselves and their teachers. This insight opens them to true wisdom and now they no longer need to speak about what they know because it can be seen in how they live.
It is just that simple. The overall goal of this process is to motivate our tribe members to move to a point of insight that moves them toward wisdom which ends in mastery.
Nuff said
Peace & 1hunidyears
Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
HipHop Philosopha & Shaman

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dieing daily- SelfMastery trai

Sunset and I die/
                    Sunrise and I do as well/                                                                          
                        The endless cycle/
We have hit week 3 of the training. I was shuting the enrollment down but I will extend it for another session. Some people came late this class and I want to take away all excuses when I finally shut it down.
Once again we had to review to bring the new up to speed and that is cool, because something new always comes out. While in the midst of this session a powerful idea that I covered in more detail came to me afterward. We once again was talking about what the Self was and I gave the Gye-Nyame SelfMastery™ definition of Self (the absolute, complete and perfect qualities of a being that is not determined or defined by external circumstances) and the question about what the Self was composed of moved through me. Immediately the idea of axe'  came to mind.
In class we have discussed the importance of axe' to the multiverse. For those that don't know axe' for those that don't know is the life force. This life force is described in many other cultures you may recognize the terms prana (India), chi (China), and ki (Japan). Some other terms that I have run into that have a similar meaning to axe' (which is Yoruba, and you will see it spelled ache, or ashe as well) are yao (Ghana), wakan (Lakota), and psychic force (western). I am still learning new days about this power, harnessing this power is a major factor in SelfMastery™. Axe' is what the multiverse is formed from. This energy is everywhere and everything, it connects us to each other and everything else. When we began our conversation about Self and its composition the idea of the Self being concentrated axe' that is being expressed through us.
This turned out to be a beautiful conversation and possible a new book coming out of the Journey in time. We also covered the "Player's Pyramid", the importance of of symbols, an example of how to use symbols, we discussed the significance of the pyramid in the training, discussed principles, clarified personal principle systems, and discussed how to use the 7 tools  briefly.
Next week we will go more in depth on how the 7 tools, we will begin to look at the power of stories and why and how we should use them.
Hope to see you there..
Nuff said
Stay woke
Peace & 1hunidyears
Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
HipHop Philosopha & Shaman

Monday, June 13, 2011

SelfMastery Training - Session 2

For those that could not make it to the training this week, I will briefly share some of the information shared during the session. Read and keep up just in case you decide to drop in one of these sundays.
During the second session we had to review information from last week. We started with meditation as we will continue to do throughout this training.We spoke about the Self and personality. We spoke about the power and importance of axe' and how it is related to the breath, and the importance that meditation plays in building up this power.
We were able to make it through 2 of the tools from the "Player's Pyramid", and we will continue working through the next 5 (check out the Player's Pyramid). We were not able to get into the lost art but will jump into it next week.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Tribal Quote

John Milton : "Who overcomes by force, hath overcome but half his foe."

To be happy means to be free, not from pain or fear, but from care or anxiety.
W. H. Auden

A tree not taller than you cannot shade you.
- Nigeria

Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
HipHop Philosopha & Shaman
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Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Baba - Chapter 8 part III

Zapotec "Shoo-Bettoo" fish farm near...Image via Wikipedia
“Jay, sit down.”
I sat down and Simba took his place and Kwesi came and took a seat as well.
“I’ve called some brothers here to help you through your ordeal. Kwesi is at the Master level and a few more brothers and sisters are on their way. I want you to eat and relax for a few hours while everything is in progress. “
“Yes, Sir…..”
“You have questions?”
“Well feel free to ask.”
“First of all, where are we?”
“We are in Southern Ohio at one of the families fish farms.”
“What is done here?”
“We grow fish, man.”
Simba and Kwesi broke out laughing.
“For what?”
“To sell of course. We have fisheries and farms all around the country, and they pull in a lot of money for the family. At this particular farm we have five well stocked ponds that produce hundreds of thousands of pounds of fish per year.”
“I have never heard of majestic fish farms?.”
“Have you heard of Papa Joes, the home of the Secret lover Fish Boat?”
“Hell yeah! When I was in my former life we used to hit that spot every weekend.”
“We own it , the franchise.”
Paja Joes was a franchise that was enormous. Every city I have been in has at least one Papa Joes.
“You think we put Gye Nyame or Nation Builder on everything we own? No…..that would chase everyone away. We have to give the people what they want as long as it is not against our principle. You must understand that the club is a business, how do you think we take care of our members?”
“How many businesses is the family involved in?”
“You name it and we probably do it. Remember as long as it does not violate Maat we can do it. We are involved in everything from corner stores to clothing. You really must study your initiate handbook young man. Your whole training we have stressed entrepreneurship. I swear that you thought we were just talking shit huh.”
“No, but I did not know how deep it went.”
“You still don’t know how deep it goes?”
“What is a vision quest?”

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

SelfMastery Class

Malabar Hookahs in three different sizesImage via Wikipedia
Gye-Nyame SelfMastery™ Training
8 week training process
Come and learn about techniques that can change your life. You will learn about:
Come join conversation @ gypsy lounge
The True Self
The Personality
Cycles & Systems
Gye-Nyame meditation and workout techniques
Hip-Hop influence
The Power of Now
The Fallacy of Tomorrow
What is Spirituality?
Poetry as a Tool for Healing
Price of materials
Books :The Player's Pyramid, Lost Art Of Story Tellin, and Gye-Nyame Journey Workbook (if bought as package $30)

Sundays June 5th to July 24th

Gypsy cafe

874 N.High st
For more info call: 614-594-9422
We have 10 seats left.
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