Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gye-Nyame Pledge

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I am swamped these days and don't have a lot of time so I have to keep sending you to my archives. Here is the Gye-Nyame Pledge with corrections.

Gye-Nyame Pledge
I am a Gye-Nyame wo/man
I was born for greatness.
My greatness comes from my potent center.
I pledge to find and connect with my center.

I pledge to build my spirit, mind and body.
I pledge to use my hands to build a better world,
for myself, my loved ones, and my community.

I pledge to use my mind to think deeper, further,
& higher to create a better reality for myself.
I pledge to live my life and go beyond all of my self imposed limitations.

I pledge to promote the principles of a Gye-Nyame Warrior
& to assist all of those who are seeking the path of success.
I pledge all of these things first to myself, my teachers,
to all of my relations and to my Higher power.

Axe! Axe! Axe!
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