smiling and meditation

Meditate and smile/
Allow thoughts and concerns to /
float and then vanish/

Meditation is an important part of SelfMastery, it allows us to ground ourselves in the present moment. Mastery is not a result of dealing in then past nor is it a product of fretting about the future. it is a gift from being truly present. All those that are involved in the SelfMastery training course as well as those serious members of Gye-Nyame are tasked with meditating at least one time per day. Especially during this training.
To meditate is simple although there are many styles that a person can follow. the method that we we will focus on during the training is about monitoring the breath. In our first session we went over the proper way to breath, and in session 2 we will take it one step further. When breathing for the method of meditation that we will use during the 8 week course, we pull the air in through the nose down to our abdomen, and allow the abdomen to swell like a balloon. this allow for us to fill our lungs from the bottom to the top. Only after the Air has filled the belly do we allow it to fill our chest cavity. in the next session we we will move to applying the 16 count rhythm to the breath to help relax us and move us to a point where we can truly begin the internal work. SelfMastery is mainly about mastering our internal lives, and plugging into our true Self. When this point is reached we can begin to influence the world around us by changing who we thought we were into who we real are, and this can only happen when we become relaxed. At this point we can sit back and let the thoughts unfold and smile because we know that the will pass in our minds like the clouds pass in the sky. Eventually leaving the clear blue heavens during the day or the beautiful black night and expose us to the shining stars. When we can sit still long enough we can begin the real work, and understand ourselves enough to begin to pursue in life what it is we were born to do. This is what brings the smile to your face. because you are now able to focus on whats real. the crazy part is that this is not hard. Some times we just need a little push to get us moving in the right direction.
So I invite you to join us for the next few weeks, and learn about YOU. Spend this next few weeks and explore the most elegant creation that combines all things. You are taught to invest your life and time into pursuing external knowledge, and material acquisitions, but it all comes easier when you do it in reverse. By exploring your internal workings you come face to face with the One thing that can bring you all you need, and want. 
Nuff said
Stay Woke
Peace & 1hunidyears 
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