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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Daily Toast- Ujima 517171 "The Paradox of the collective"

"There is no healthy person without a healthy collective, and there is no healthy collective without healthy persons."

Great Ujima FAM:
I hope yesterday was productive for you, right now I am sitting in Ujamaa reflecting back. Their are many things that i wished that I would have covered but I think the basic idea rings through. Family we have to begin to rebuild and embrace our culture.
I state rebuild because we can't just grab some ancient information put it together and strap faith on it and feel we will be able to compete. A culture prepares an individual to compete and succeed. Right now I believe that we are following a cultural program that leads us to failure. This cultural paradigm that we follow miss informs us about the past, muddy up the present, and leaves us hoping for a great future. All of these elements are within our power to change, as well as rebuilding our culture.
I created this video to discuss this issue, I hope you will check it out and let me know what you think. Hey, don't forget to take the 21 day Nguzo Saba Challenge, it will change your life. At this point in GNJ we are really looking at some of the benefits of proper breathing and you would be surprised at how many of the issues that we have as a people line up with incorrect breathing.
Nuff Said
Peace, Power, & 1hunidyears

Monday, January 27, 2014

Give Yourself Permission Listeners

I would like to welcome all of my new listeners, thank you for joining the Journey. Together we will explore the world, better ourselves, and accomplish our goals. When I first started #giveyourselfpermission I did not expect to build up a network so quickly. I stress the word network because that is what we have become. Daily you tune in and give me the blessing of your time, the gift of your listening ear and I just open my mouth and pray that what comes out will help, and inspire who ever tunes in. This show is yours and by investing your time you create the content. I have decided to throw another hash-tag out to mark our territory, #asmilethenamile. This hash-tag is how we will be able to share our progress on the Journey with each other. I encourage each listener to begin your own program of personal mastery. I chose to meditate for at least 10 minutes which brings a smile to my face, and then I hit my mile run which takes me about 10 minutes. These small steps are my personal way of mastering myself. Now as a a member of this team I would hope that you create something similar for yourself. I stress doing something when you wake up that will make you smile like meditation, prayer, mirror exercise, sing a song, say a verse from a favorite book, write a poem, post something in your journal or something else you create. By starting our morning with a smile we generate a energy that will build in our lives and help attract what we are seeking for our life. The smile is a symbol for us that sets our mindset for the day, and gives us control.We start our day on a positive note that is self generated, and relies only on the creative power that was granted to us  by our Maker. Then we take this positive mindset out into the world spreading a energy that can balance out all the negativity that may come our way.
After we set our smile we move into our physical activity that takes the smile from a simple mental aspect of our personal development and move it into our body. Now I choose to run but you may chose some other physical workout. I recommend that you set your goal for at least 10 minutes (because it takes me around 10 minutes to run a mile). You can do yoga, jumping jacks, walk, push-ups, sit-ups, or what ever physical activity you feel. Just make sure it is something that you can do on a consistent basis. Start small and work yourself to your goal.
As you start to implement this program you will begin to see small changes in your life, and the more you do it, the more personal power you develop.  To help each of us I have have created the hash-tag #asmilethenamile that we can post at the end of our sessions detailing the accomplishments we have made each day. I will monitor this hash-tag and begin to announce each of your accomplishments along with your name so that we can begin to follow and inspire each other. Once again I want to stress the fact that this is a network, and by us helping each other we can do nothing but grow.
Here is an example post that can be used on g+, FB, or twitter:
I just walked on the treadmill for 10 minutes #asmilethenamile
I woke up and started writing in my journal #asmilethenamile
*The smile- is a symbol for mental well being that is brought on by a personal action that a member of the Journey has taken.
*The mile- is a symbol for the physical action that a person on the Journey takes that stimulates the body that last between 8-10 minutes.

Nuff said
peace & 1hunidyears

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Moving Meditation- song from SIMBA

In this show I share a moving meditation that I developed to help with workouts. I find away to connect this with my Simba experience for those who want more information about Simba please click the link. {*It is Simba time so please go to our Crowdrise Campaign site and donate to Simba the goal for our chapter this year is to send 25 boys, that's $ 11,250 for a camp goal and we still have our long range goal of $100,000 from Gye-Nyame Chapter to help purchase a camp ground for the Nation.}
I know that most of our time is being ate up by the system so I am trying to motivate people to explore different types of meditations that can be done while in motion or under different circumstances. Of course this one will also be available on Gumroad, but until then  you can hit up the Tip Jar.
There has been many medical studies about the benefits of meditation, but I wonder what meditation combined with exercise will do. Hopefully turn you into a super hero...hahahaaa enjoy

Moving Meditation

Monday, June 11, 2012

Why Meditate?

I breath in and out/
slowly and with a rhythm/
mind begins to clear/

Meditation is a process of learning to measure our thoughts. In measuring them and observing them we learn how to quite or mind so that we can find peace. According to the lessons in Gye-Nyame when we are asked "what is peace?" The proper response is Harmony and Order. So by practicing meditation those on the Journey bring Harmony and Order into:
1. Into there inner world
2. Into their day life
Being on the Journey regardless of what system you follow requires you to be able to draw on a source of power beyond your physical being, and meditation helps with this. It helps align you with the "True Self". According to the SelfMastery system that we use in Gye-Nyame the Self is defined as: " the absolute, complete, perfect qualities of being that is not influenced by external circumstances" meditation is a major way to commune with this part of our being. When we cultivate peace within ourselves this opens the door for communication the deepest part of our being.
Now meditation does not have to take place just sitting still. Any activatie can be turned into a meditative situation. A prime example I have found in my life of this is the practice of martial arts (capoeira or akido), running, writing (for me poetry, haiku, as well as blogging). These activities are all practices in which I have to settle down and get in contact with that deepest part of my being and get it done.
Now take a moment in your life and identify the practices in your life that you have that can be transformed into meditative moments.
I don't want to take away from sitting meditation because that is important as well. Todays world robs us of time and I have found other ways to increase my contact with my True Self, and I woukd suggest the same for you. Meditation is good for your total health and is a simple tool that can be used on your Journey to assist you in getting the fullness out of this life experience. Meditation helps you become more conscious of the world you live as well as the world that lives in you. So use it, and if you need help checkout my "Sacred Space" meditation on my spreaker radio show and the meditations that will follow. If you want to support the Gye-Nyame Journey you can purchse my "Meditation by the #'s " MP3 availible on or purchase the "Player's Pyramid" which have a meditation described in its pages.
*I need to mention that you can receive the "Player's Pyramid" free as a PDF if you sign up and make a comment on the blog.
Nuff said
Support the Journey
Peace & 1hunidyears

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Find A Sacred Space

Find a sacred space/
where you can unify your/
Soul, mind and body/

We all need to get away from the hustle and bustle. I have found that it has been important for me to find places of solitude or practice where I can meditate, pray, workout, and etc.. these types of things are best done in sacred spaces, because the act of you declaring them sacred for yourself helps to focus the energy that you produce. Now a major principle that I am using here is Kujichagulia (for more info checkout my book "Player's Pyramid") which gives you the power to define an area sacred for you. By declaring it sacred you open up a space where all the parts of your being can commune (more on this later). Now let's look at two types of sacred spaces:

First let's look at places of solitude. These are places where you can go alone and pull yourself together. These types of places allow you to create the space needed from the world so that you can work on you.
(Examples: personal alter at home, woods, parks, churches, temples, mosque and etc..)
The second sacred place that we can use is a place of practice. This is where we can go and meet with like minded people and do activities that keep us focused on developing ourselves and helping people focus on developing themselves. (Examples: religious service, martial arts, yoga classes, workout groups and etc.)
The idea is to declare these spaces sacred for yourself and respect them accordingly. Use them to further your trek on your personal Journey.
Nuff said
Peace & 1hunidyears

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Meditation Experiment day 2

Timer Started: 8/2/2011 04:32 AM
Timer Duration: 15 Minutes

Today in my meditation I drifted off. Before I knew it the ending bell rang. I found myself sitting longer as well. I wasn't sleep nor was I awake, but when the final bell rang to end my meditation I was not in a hurry to get up. I followed my breath as long as I could, and then I just let go. I dont remember any thoughts, dreams, or more importantly my imaginantion was not running wild.
During last night meditation i had to stop early, I did maybe 7 minutes. I was extremely tired. I went straight to sleep after that.
I never had a problem going to sleep, but I can say that when I meditate before I go sleep I get more rest.
Feel free to join me in this meditation experiment. I will be attempting to add meditation twice a day for the next 29 days. Let me know How it effects you.


Timer Started: 8/1/2011 05:18 AM
Timer Duration: 15 Minutes

My tank is on empty or should be. Although I spent the day resting I was not able to goto sleep until 2:30am, but I was able to meditate before I went to sleep and when I awoke. I am feeling good, but I am seeking feeling great.
My mind settled down almost immediately, and I was able to focus on my word of power. Then my word began to fade in my mind and I hate that relax state. Before I knew it the bell to end my session had hit. O know there is a Ha2ku and blog in there, just dont have time to pull it out.
I wish you a happy journey today. Join me on my experiment with meditation for 30days, and through fb, twitter and the blog we can encourage each other. Leave a comment and I will contact you.
I could use an OXYwater right now. If you don't know what that is checkout ...


Timer Started: 8/1/2011 02:09 AM
Timer Duration: 15 Minutes

This was my first time using this tool and it was very helpful. I suggest it for all those on the journey to check out to help with meditation practice.
My mind was drifting, and would not focused but by staying consistant i was able to move my mind to place of rest, but once again i applied effort to hang on and last the state but that is what practice is for.
Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
HipHop Philosopha & Shaman
check me out @
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Thursday, June 9, 2011

smiling and meditation

Meditate and smile/
Allow thoughts and concerns to /
float and then vanish/

Meditation is an important part of SelfMastery, it allows us to ground ourselves in the present moment. Mastery is not a result of dealing in then past nor is it a product of fretting about the future. it is a gift from being truly present. All those that are involved in the SelfMastery training course as well as those serious members of Gye-Nyame are tasked with meditating at least one time per day. Especially during this training.
To meditate is simple although there are many styles that a person can follow. the method that we we will focus on during the training is about monitoring the breath. In our first session we went over the proper way to breath, and in session 2 we will take it one step further. When breathing for the method of meditation that we will use during the 8 week course, we pull the air in through the nose down to our abdomen, and allow the abdomen to swell like a balloon. this allow for us to fill our lungs from the bottom to the top. Only after the Air has filled the belly do we allow it to fill our chest cavity. in the next session we we will move to applying the 16 count rhythm to the breath to help relax us and move us to a point where we can truly begin the internal work. SelfMastery is mainly about mastering our internal lives, and plugging into our true Self. When this point is reached we can begin to influence the world around us by changing who we thought we were into who we real are, and this can only happen when we become relaxed. At this point we can sit back and let the thoughts unfold and smile because we know that the will pass in our minds like the clouds pass in the sky. Eventually leaving the clear blue heavens during the day or the beautiful black night and expose us to the shining stars. When we can sit still long enough we can begin the real work, and understand ourselves enough to begin to pursue in life what it is we were born to do. This is what brings the smile to your face. because you are now able to focus on whats real. the crazy part is that this is not hard. Some times we just need a little push to get us moving in the right direction.
So I invite you to join us for the next few weeks, and learn about YOU. Spend this next few weeks and explore the most elegant creation that combines all things. You are taught to invest your life and time into pursuing external knowledge, and material acquisitions, but it all comes easier when you do it in reverse. By exploring your internal workings you come face to face with the One thing that can bring you all you need, and want. 
Nuff said
Stay Woke
Peace & 1hunidyears 
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011