Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Meditation Experiment day 2

Timer Started: 8/2/2011 04:32 AM
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Today in my meditation I drifted off. Before I knew it the ending bell rang. I found myself sitting longer as well. I wasn't sleep nor was I awake, but when the final bell rang to end my meditation I was not in a hurry to get up. I followed my breath as long as I could, and then I just let go. I dont remember any thoughts, dreams, or more importantly my imaginantion was not running wild.
During last night meditation i had to stop early, I did maybe 7 minutes. I was extremely tired. I went straight to sleep after that.
I never had a problem going to sleep, but I can say that when I meditate before I go sleep I get more rest.
Feel free to join me in this meditation experiment. I will be attempting to add meditation twice a day for the next 29 days. Let me know How it effects you.


Timer Started: 8/1/2011 05:18 AM
Timer Duration: 15 Minutes

My tank is on empty or should be. Although I spent the day resting I was not able to goto sleep until 2:30am, but I was able to meditate before I went to sleep and when I awoke. I am feeling good, but I am seeking feeling great.
My mind settled down almost immediately, and I was able to focus on my word of power. Then my word began to fade in my mind and I hate that relax state. Before I knew it the bell to end my session had hit. O know there is a Ha2ku and blog in there, just dont have time to pull it out.
I wish you a happy journey today. Join me on my experiment with meditation for 30days, and through fb, twitter and the blog we can encourage each other. Leave a comment and I will contact you.
I could use an OXYwater right now. If you don't know what that is checkout ... tryOXYwater.com


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Timer Duration: 15 Minutes

This was my first time using this tool and it was very helpful. I suggest it for all those on the journey to check out to help with meditation practice.
My mind was drifting, and would not focused but by staying consistant i was able to move my mind to place of rest, but once again i applied effort to hang on and last the state but that is what practice is for.
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