Friday, June 8, 2012

JOY - Ha2ku by ha2tim

Joy comes constantly/
if we are open to the/
the wonder of life/
Just when I thought my Ha2ku (my play on the word haiku for those new to the Journey) muse had left me I was hit by a flurry of new ones.
When we consider that right before our eyes life dances in the veil of infinite forms we can plug into our joy. Look around you and even in the dark night of your soul you can find something that can make you smile. The challenge for those on the Journey is to hold on to it. Joy is yours to claim at anytime as a matter of fact regardless of your situation in life you can access your Joy. I would dare to say you can hold on to the feeling and have it feel your life. Because unlike happiness which is determined by outside situations Joy is sparked internally and can radiate from your soul at all times.
So plug into Joy...
Nuff said
* here is the inspiration of this post (the bush blooming in the picture).

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