Monday, June 4, 2012

MP3 beef I Have (how artist may be losing money)

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With my new phone I have finally figured out how to listen to my MP3 player. I have began using Amazon Cloud Player to purchase tunes that I really like.
First I am noticing the beauty and power of MP3 as a financial tool for artist and a matter of convience for the listener. Now I am free to buy music that I like and don't have to worry about storing the music. Coming from the old school either I had to have space to keep my records or cds which could turn into a burden especially when you move like I do. Now I can just push a button on my computer while listening to pandora and purchase some music, and even better I can pick through an album and get the music I like rather than buying a whole album.
Hence the reason for the article. I have noticed that some artist maybe losing some money by not allowing the fan to purchase individual cuts. Some records make it so you have to buy the whole album, and for me I will walk away. I could not help but to wonder how many other people do the same. So I feel it is good for artist to make it availible to purchase tracks as well as the album.
99 cents beats no cents I feel.
Thanks for reading my rant

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