Thinking Board

A new tool I am working with is what I call a thinking board. It is basically a board that is placed on my wall in my bedroom where I can write down and mind map new ideas. This tool can come in handy for all those on the Journey if you already don't use something similar (journal). This gives me a place where i can sketch out quick pictures, short statements or mind maps as they hit me. I use a board and erasable markers to help me bring my ideas and inspiration alive. These colors and the space gives me the ability to lay out and develop my ideas rather than just hold them in my mind. What i have noticed how once i started the ideas have began to take on a life of their own. Because they are visible before i go to sleep and wake up i can revisit them often and freely add without worrying about any outside criticism.
This board also serves as a place where I can put up goals that i personally want to program into my mental hard drive. i use the board to help me focus my mind on what i wants, and it also serves as a reminder of what i should be thinking about rather than allowing my mind to aimlessly to float around.
In the last few years I have really noticed the chaos that stray thoughts can cause in life. I first only understood mentally the saying "Control of thought" from the laws of the ancient temples of KMT. Know it has become "Intelligence of the Heart". This thinking board helps me focus my thoughts more on what I want to create in my life rather than allowing my to aimlessly float around and create all types of madness around me.
I highly suggest that everyone on the Journey get yourself a thinking board, and put it somewhere that you have to see it daily. Then once its up work on it daily, add, and subtract ideas. use it to analyze your thinking, and to ask yourself questions. You will be surprised how much faster the answer begin to pop up in your life.  This is one of those small habits that I was talking about in my earlier post.
Nuff said
Peace and 1hunidyears


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