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Friday, October 5, 2012

Thinking Board

A new tool I am working with is what I call a thinking board. It is basically a board that is placed on my wall in my bedroom where I can write down and mind map new ideas. This tool can come in handy for all those on the Journey if you already don't use something similar (journal). This gives me a place where i can sketch out quick pictures, short statements or mind maps as they hit me. I use a board and erasable markers to help me bring my ideas and inspiration alive. These colors and the space gives me the ability to lay out and develop my ideas rather than just hold them in my mind. What i have noticed how once i started the ideas have began to take on a life of their own. Because they are visible before i go to sleep and wake up i can revisit them often and freely add without worrying about any outside criticism.
This board also serves as a place where I can put up goals that i personally want to program into my mental hard drive. i use the board to help me focus my mind on what i wants, and it also serves as a reminder of what i should be thinking about rather than allowing my mind to aimlessly to float around.
In the last few years I have really noticed the chaos that stray thoughts can cause in life. I first only understood mentally the saying "Control of thought" from the laws of the ancient temples of KMT. Know it has become "Intelligence of the Heart". This thinking board helps me focus my thoughts more on what I want to create in my life rather than allowing my to aimlessly float around and create all types of madness around me.
I highly suggest that everyone on the Journey get yourself a thinking board, and put it somewhere that you have to see it daily. Then once its up work on it daily, add, and subtract ideas. use it to analyze your thinking, and to ask yourself questions. You will be surprised how much faster the answer begin to pop up in your life.  This is one of those small habits that I was talking about in my earlier post.
Nuff said
Peace and 1hunidyears

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Starting Small Habits

"A journey of a thousand miles begin with one step", is a quote I often refer to when I feel like I am stuck. I often like to look at these words of wisdom, but sometimes I forget the power of these words. Not only does a journey of a thousand miles begin with 1 step, but so does a a short trip to the corner store. All of life's action begin with a small step. When we think about it any major change that we make in life starts with small steps or better yet by creating small habits that enable us to use the power of leverage and momentum to move us to where we want to be.
My recent studies have led me to looking at quantum physics, and from looking at this amazing science, I can clearly see the power of the small. We often overlook the power of the small, bu many of us have experienced this power in our personal life, both negatively and positively. For example if you have ever experienced the bite off the cold or flu virus you know what i am talking about. This small thing has the ability to lay you down for up to 7 day, and it takes very small steps. A nuclear explosion is also an example of something that starts small but ends up as a large destructive power. in the same way that these things can take an negative turn you can use this power to building up to the life you want. by taking small steps and developing small habits you can cause a large explosion in your life. Use the power of starting small and create some change in your life. It will surprise you how powerful the small is, but once you start you cant help but to see what a powerful tool this is. so my fellow Journey wo/man begin small and allow the cascading effect flow through your existence and warp your reality toward what it is you want.
Nuff said
Peace & 1hunidyears

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Simba 2012

Time moves so quick it seems that it was just time for me to leave for Simba, and now it is over. This was a stellar year for the Columbus Chapter (Gye-Nyame Tribe). We had an opportunity to expose 21 young men to a camp that transforms lives, and that is exactly what happened.
Simba is unlike any other program/camp that I have ever been apart of, the focus is providing young men with a safe place to transform and see the possibilities of greatness that lie in their soul. While the camp focuses on the young people it remains a transformational experience for everyone involved, from the kitchen staff to the people that care for the camp. The power of Simba pulls people together and forces them to look inward, release pain, and begin to grow.
This year was full of spontanaity and emergence. To write about this things is one thing but to watch in action is another. This year due to my age and length of time in Simba I was able to sit back and watch the power of the Nation blossom. If you have never been part of something like this you need to find a place and a group like this.
The actitivites this year:
3 days of seperation and adjustment
Simbalympics for African Cup
Simbalympics Draft
Talent show
Pushup competition
Poetry Slam
Conflict resolution workshops
Arts and crafts
Woodshop/drum making
Drum competition
Cross Over Ceremony

Friday, July 27, 2012

The Blessing In Being Stuck

In each of our lives we reach a point where it feels as if we are stuck, and no matter what we do we cant seem to move forward. It is at these times we may need to slow down, and even stop struggling. I have found that the more we struggle at these times the worse we get entangled in life's net. Just stop and take some time to rest and to gain some perspective. At these times the universe may be trying to talk with us but because we are so busy trying to stay moving we cant hear.
We have been taught that it is our duty to keep moving and never stop. If you are sick so what "get up and go to work" because we believe that our job needs us or that we will be fired. If you are stuck on a project keeping beating yourself over the head until a new idea comes forth. We have heard the stories of those who have pushed through major obstacles and now the world sing their praise, and we may want to be just like them. Because many of us feel that success is purely connected to our will power we think that if we bang our heads long enough something will come. You are correct something will come and its called a concussion. Whether we get one physically, mentally, or spiritually they all are bad.
Just stop for a few moments, few days or maybe a few weeks and try to hear what your Creator is trying to say to you. The blessing in being stuck is that we get to look at where we are coming from and to where we want to go. The important thing that should pop up for those on the Journey is that also helps you clarify why you are on this road in the first place. When we look back we can see that our Creator, Higher Power, Universe or what ever you chose to call on has not failed you yet. This helps you build some optimism rather than the despair that comes in these moments.
A vital secret that is with held from the public in the legend making process of modern day heroes is that their greatest break through came at points where they felt stuck. Whether it was with an invention, a new idea, or a project, and unlike the myth of rugged individualism these individual had to take some time to rest in the problem (stuck point) and from that moment came the insight that they needed. For example when George Washington Carver one of the greatest inventors ever to come out of America was stuck. He would take a walk in the woods and rest in his stuck point and allow his mind to wander, and maybe through a flash of insight or a dream the answer that would get him unstuck would materialize. It is reported that when Einstein was stuck when creating the equation that changed the 20th century, the insight came when he got on a train and allowed his mind take a break and a flash of insight hit him and from this insight he received the information that he needed to create his world famous equation.
That's just 2 individuals how many great thinkers and doers learned to rest in the "stuck moments" and from those moments gave birth to achievements that changed the world.
So if you are stuck get some perspective and wait for your blessing to arrive because it is on its way. Look up Imani principle in " the Player's Pyramid" for more insight.
Nuff said
Peace & 1hunidyears

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Have You Shaken The Dust From Your Feet

Shaking the Dust from your feet is a command that I learned that Jesus gave to his disciples. They were instructed to shake the dust from there feet when they left a town, or house where people did not accept what they had to offer. When you look at it from a purely physical level this command can be confusing, but when we put on our symbolic glasses we see a whole new idea. Dust is defined as "Fine, dry powder consisting of tiny particles of earth or waste matter lying on the ground or on surfaces or carried in the air."
 By shaking the dust from your feet when leaving a place means to leave the waste matter, and decayed particles where you found them. 
On the Journey we have to have the same mind state, we want to begin shaking the dust from our feet when we leave not just places, but also when we leave negative people. We don't want to be carrying around the old waste from past situations because they may contaminate any new situation that we may enter. shaking the dust from our selves metaphorically is a powerful tool that can be used in SelfMastery. Stop carrying around the old dust from the negative peopl, events, relationships, old jobs, and etc. around with you. take time to shake that dust off. Daily we should shake the dust off from yesterday so that we can continue in the now clean of old debris. So now those on the Journey Join me in shaking the dust from our feet.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

"Your Lever Is Long Enough"

I know that this sounds strange but the idea came to me as I was doing research and found a Greek philosopher by the name of Archimedes. Archimedes was quoted to have said "give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world". In this modern time a lever and a fulcrum big enough to move the world has been presented to us all. The lever I'm speaking of is the internet. This lever if it is used properly can help you move your business, your personal life, and anything else you want to move. Through the social network aspect we can set up support networks for just about anything that we want, and leverage the information and inspiration that they provide. We can seek out information that just 10 years ago would have belong to a rare few, and use it on a daily basis to bring success, peace, and happiness into our lives if we choose to.
The fulcrum in this idea is the devices that have been developed to experience the internet. The laptops,tablets, smart phones, and those new ones approaching the market. These tools are giving us a platform upon which we can move the world if we desire.
How are you using your lever and fulcrum? Are you striving to move the world, change your life, or build a successful business. What ever the goal, we have very few excuses in these days.

Friday, June 29, 2012

"It Is Time For You To Leave"

Before you read please check out the video so that you will not get lost, some of my readers are to young to remember the show Kung Fu, and will not understand my references.

 What I loved about Kung fu was that it introduced me to different way of thinking. The scene that I am discussing today is the test that was set up in this fictional shaolin temple that determined when it was time for a student to leave. The test was basically the head monk (Master Khan) standing before the student every so often, and challenging the student to snatch the pebble from his hand. When the student missed he went back to his daily practice in the temple as a student. When he was finally able to snatch the pebble he and the master knew that it was time for him to leave. In other words it was made clear to the student and the teacher that student had no more to learn in the temple and it was time for him to continue his studies in the world.
If only real life was this simple, and clear cut. Today people need to learn when to move on, but the problem is that in modern society the master and the student become attached. The student is to scared to snatch the pebble or even try, and the master is to connected to his ego to even let the student attempt. Modern life has ruined the master student relationship.
The student after years of preparation fears the next step because it is a mystery. They doubt their abilities  and cling to their master as if their life depends on it. They do not want to face the world as the hero Kwa Chain Caine in Kung fu the series did. The unknown and instability that is in the world  scares them deeper into their temples, and they refuse to leave not knowing that they are robbing the world of the gifts they have been blessed enough to receive.
The master holds on to the students in order to boost their ego, and to fill the void of emptiness that occurs naturally when we release someone or something we care about, also unaware of the damage that they inflict on the world or themselves. By not releasing the student on their Journey the master robs themselves of the opportunity to instill their teachings on someone new. This only occurs when the master is able to face the void of emptiness and trust that the universe will fill it.
Although all this talk about masters and students may throw you off, please understand these are dilemmas that happen everyday in this society. Although the titles have changed the idea remains the same. We all need to learn when it is time for us to leave a person, relationship, partnership, business, job, and etc.. We need to be willing to take the test of snatching the pebble from the hand of our teachers, and go out into the world and share our gifts. Yes it is frightening, and it is supposed to be. The  mystery we feel are further lessons that will move us to Mastery. As teachers we also need to know when to test our students and if need be force them into the world so that they can test their skills. We must be able to face the void that is left welcome it and wait for our next journey with a new student to begin.
So going back to the clip "when you are able to snatch the pebble from my hand it will be time for you to leave" years of study and achievement happens, and you stand before your boss, partner, emotions, and you snatch the pebble. Don't fear be confident in what you have learned and Know that " it is your time to leave!!"

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Final Goodbye

We enter this life/
as flesh and bone on a quest/
final prize is death/

"As i stood over his bed looking down on him, i was at a lost of words. How do you say goodbye when you truly know that you may never see someone again in this life?"
Although this may sound like a chapter out of a book. This is a true experience that many of us go through. With ageing parents and grand parents. How do we say goodbye to the pillars of our lives? These people who may have provided you with the foundation to become the beautiful person you are today. I am in this very situation myself.  My Grandfather appears to be in between worlds. His body seems to be slowly decaying and shuting down on him, and his mind and memory are gone.
"He reaches out to the empty air grabbing or pointing at something that is not there and his breathing is heavy and rattles likes and childs toy."
I cant help but remember this man as he was but the reality of where he is slaps me in the face. Should I mourn? Should I celibrate that he is moving on to a better place?
"I feel his chest and my hand hits bone where flesh use to be. I rub his head and say a silent prayer for him."
As i walked to the truck to leave my son runs to me and ask me if it is time to go, and I say yes. He is happy and begins to run to the truck. I stop him and tell him that he needs to go say bye to pepa. He goes and returns and ask me " why isn't pepa moving", I take a breath and explains that Pepa is dying. He gives me a blank stare. He doesn't know what that means. I explain the process and in talking with the young Cleven it makes it easier for me to deal with the old Cleven (Pepa) passing on.
I guess the proper way to say goodbye is to rejoice in that person's life, and to help others understand their passing. By talking with my son my Imani was renewed, because even though death is the final mystery, with imani (faith) I know what it is. I cant explain it but having faith (imani) in the process and sharing that makes the final goodbye easier.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Hookah and Conversation

Checkout the open mic conversations as I drop into one of my Hookah spots and open the conversation. This week we happened to be at the Shi-sha Lounge in Columbus. This spot lais back and right off campus and you never know who will drop in to say hello. this week we hit on:
the third tool in the book "The Player's Pyramid" added to earlier description that I shared today. From a lesson I got from my youngest daughter trying to drive my car.
I shared a lesson from the vault of my grandfathers wisdom, and from a request shared a fable created by Aesop called the "The eagle and the Kite" of coursed remixed in a Hip-Hop fashion.
This led into a conversation about relationships, sex, emotional connection, security, the mask we wear, lies of commission, and omission, etc..
check it out and feel free to check out both podcast1 and podcast2...

Be the thousand person and help me hit my first milestone. next stop 10000 hits on my spreaker shows, and 200 hundred followers. so join the Journey.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Art of Yoking

The Gye-Nyame method of pulling the mind & body together during   activities. This prepares the body and mind for Umoja (unity) with the Spirit. Check out my podcast "The Art of Yoking".
While walking in the woods, or should I say small wooded area in the city. The thought hit me ultimately what is the idea behind yoga, and the idea of yoke came to my mind. One of the definitions of a yoke is an instrument that is used to get  separate parties to work together. To yoking is the process of binding things together so that they can work together.
When this thought hit me it  sparked my Kuumba, as well moved me to use my Kujichagulia..I have many clients who I take through the movements that I have been working on for years. When I use the term yoga with some of them believe it or not it still scares people. I have long been a rebrander, and have sought to bring information to people where they were, and now the new inspiration is called " The art of Yoking".
Here is an article about the positive effects of meditation, and how through as I call it "yoking" you not only relax the body you have an actual physical effect on it. So check out article, and if you are interested in learning some meditation methods or yoking methods check me out on my spreaker stations (Gye-Nyame Journey, and On mile 3) or support the Journey check me out on Gumroad and purchase "Meditation by the #'s"...
 Here is the article make sure you check out the "Fascinating Facts about Meditation" at the bottom:

Mindfulness Meditation Linked With Positive Brain Changes, Study Suggests

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Synchronicity in "A Thousand Words!!!"

This blog was inspired by the movie "A Thousand Words" staring Eddie Murphy. This move is about a relunctant hero who is forced to take a Journey of self transformation. The lead character played by Murphy is a slick, savy, successful literary agent. Who has molded and shaped his life by the use of his quick wit and his mouth piece. He has built a life that appears to be perfect, but early in the movie we see major flaws. First the lead character is arrogant, mean, loud, overbearing, rude and a manipulator. Secondly he has what a ppears to be a young marriage with a young baby that is being raised in an emaculate bachelor pad. Thirdly the lead character has a mother who appears to be suffering from the early stages of dimensia, who confuses her son (Murphy) with his father, who by the way we learn left the family when the character was 8 years old.
The story begins when Murphy takes on the challenge of recruiting a very popular new age teacher as a client. With the goal of representing the guru's latest book. From here the story gets really interesting. Murphy's character pretends to be a follower of the guru and sneaks into his compound to convince the guru to allow him to be the agent to represent his new book. During the conversation Murphy's character is cut by  bodhi tree which forms a mystical bond with the lead character. The connection that is formed connects Murphy and the tree, and with every word that Murphy speaks a leaf falls from the tree, and both the tree and the main character begins to die.
This is a powerful movie and it uses the Heroes Journey model well (separation, initiation, death, and rebirth) the main character is forced to face his fears, surrender, and basically die, and is reborn as a new person with a new view on life.
Now I know you are probably asking what does this have to do with synchronicity, maybe nothing for you, but for me this movie fell on my lap in the right place at the right time. One of the ways that the universe communicates with those on their Journey is through synchronicity. Synchronicity is defined as "the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible casual connection", this movie just happened to be playing at a place where I was, but at this time in my life I needed to see it.
I had to reflect on my life while trying to put this post together at all the other times it seemed like the Creator just dropped something in my life that I didn't know I needed until afterwards. This day and that movie was one of those times. I have come to the conclusion that synchronicity, deja vue, lucky happenings, and etc., are the tools that the Universe uses to let us know that we are on the right path. I am also sure that they can used to warn us that we are going the wrong way as well. either way I think that we may learn to heed this calls from the Universe and share the lessons and the way they came to us with others to assist them on their personal Journey.
Back to the lesson that I received from the movie. "A Thousand Words" taught me about the power of silence, and becoming still at certain points in our life. Like the main character in this movie I have a tendency to do more talking than true listening. This movie also revealed to me that making room in my life for family is the wrong direction to go. The Main character made room for his loved ones in his life, but he didn't make them part of his life. Making someone part of your life means that you truly share yourself with them rather than just tolerate them in your space.
In my opinion the most important lesson was  the act that the main character was finally able to do that saved his life, and the lives of other characters in the movie ( I won't ruin the movie for you by telling what it was because I would hope that you see it) he spoke these 3 magic words first internally and then finally externally and this freed him and others that had been trapped in some of the illusions that he had erected in his life. This lesson spoke volumes to me and I know for those on the Journey it will speak to you as well so when you get a chance check it out.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Moving Meditation- song from SIMBA

In this show I share a moving meditation that I developed to help with workouts. I find away to connect this with my Simba experience for those who want more information about Simba please click the link. {*It is Simba time so please go to our Crowdrise Campaign site and donate to Simba the goal for our chapter this year is to send 25 boys, that's $ 11,250 for a camp goal and we still have our long range goal of $100,000 from Gye-Nyame Chapter to help purchase a camp ground for the Nation.}
I know that most of our time is being ate up by the system so I am trying to motivate people to explore different types of meditations that can be done while in motion or under different circumstances. Of course this one will also be available on Gumroad, but until then  you can hit up the Tip Jar.
There has been many medical studies about the benefits of meditation, but I wonder what meditation combined with exercise will do. Hopefully turn you into a super hero...hahahaaa enjoy

Moving Meditation