The True Believer

"Remember that Great Minds talk about Ideas and Solutions, Good Minds talk about events, but Suckas talk about people. Which category do you fit in"
Brother ha2tim
I just was blessed today with a gift. This gift is rare in this day and time, at least for me. It was a conversation about ideas. The talk started out as a 5 minute checkin but was transformed into a 2 hour tour de force of ideas. The central theme was success within an organization and in life. The one point that kept coming out was being able to become and develope true believers. Wiithout belief all things fall apart. When we look at all succesful organizations and people we see at the core a belief that holds the people and the individual on course. Belief is the one thing that seperate the great and the not so great. Those who as individual or as an organization that are succesful are those who practice a belief in themselves and/or a goal. This belief sustains them in the hungry seasons of life, and gives them the strength to carry the burden that is forced on them from others doubt.
I know to talk about belief in the midst of a culture that depends on data and best practices seems out dated, but if both of these things are applied without the belief to back them failure is sure to show its face.
On this Journey you have to take time to review what you believe about yourself and who or what you believe in (I talk about this in my book “The Players Pyramid” in the chapter entitled Imani). When you look at this you can make the needed adjustments in your life and organization to move you quicker to your over all goal……SUCCESS
Nuff said
Peace and 1hunidyears


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