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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Daily Toast- Imani 49171 Imani= Belief+Doing+Being

Peace FAM
It went down yesterday, Our AYA family from Atlanta and shattered some paradigms. We will bringing them back, so don't fret if you missed them this time. Today we are Looking at Imani in a new light, and will be able to yield it with new power. Checkout the video, and like subscribe and share. Let's Build!!! Remember join the 21 Day Nguzo Saba Challenge
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Peace, Power Joy, & 1hunidyears

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

End of The World Show

As my 12-21-2012 broadcast approaches I just can't help but to wonder what will happen (although I know). You have to excuse me for my cynicism. You have to realize that I have been through these type of scares so many times in my life, that I have become numb to the idea about the end of the world. I have been listening to shows, reading books, and etc. about this date that I can't wait to see what is next. You see with all these failed attempts there is always another prophesy that follow on the heels of the last failed attempt. i cant but help but to laugh at the attempts to feel the masses with a sense of fear and foreboding about the future. I cant understand why we don't have leadership that embrace some of the new research that is coming out about the power of the human mind. Rather than preparing people for old prophesies that condemn the vast majority of the population of this planet to doom, why not motivate people with an idea or a prophesy of Abundance, Joy, and Enlightenment. 
What is the problem with getting the masses motivated and more importantly inspired about the opportunities that the future holds. This old world view of "Doom and Gloom" is dead and it is time for those on the "Journey" to paint pictures, sing songs, write stories, recite poetry, produce movies and music that moves us forward. These times have made it more possible than any other time to do this. The internet and all the tools that go with it has made it possible for those of like mind to make changes in the thoughts of those around us. What is even better is that we don't even have to work together to make change happen, hell we don't have to be on the same page or even come from the same book. 
I will be doing my radio show and I will have a good time, and I invite you to join me. Drop the fear and embrace joy, because we are moving into a new era. The change that approaches is not one of  destruction but one of Creation. The question is what will you be creating for yourself and those in your immediate circle. The motto for this New Era is "Where your mind goes your ass will follow". 
The  question that I am asking my listeners and readers is simple, "what are you focusing your mind on, and what habits are you training your brain to enforce". I believe since people have put so much mental energy on 12-21-12 something is going to happen, but it will be so subtle that many may not even notice the change. Especially if they have not been working on themselves. Those of you that have been putting in the work prepare to manifest your goals. We are moving into an era of the mind and those who have been putting in the work will begin to benefit. 
Here are some of the changes that you will begin to notice:
*you will begin to hang in new circles, many of the old sad, and negative friends will begin to fade away at least away from you
*opportunities will begin to pop up for you
*Skills that you have been working on will begin to payout for you
*projects that use to give you problems will become easy for you
*you will get a new fervor for life, and strong burst of energy
*your skill will begin to be recognized and financial, emotional, and spiritual rewards will flow toward you
*new insights, and powerful ideas will begin to flow your way, and unlike in the past you will be able to articulate and write them out
*things will seem to good to be true (beware, if you allow your mind to dwell to long on what could go wrong rather than what you could do to make things better you will "fall off"
These are just a few and more will come to you if you are open and willing to travel outside the training you have received. 

Tune in Thursday 12-20-12 at 11:59pm and bring in 12-21 in with Gye-Nyame Journey and let's Celebrate. Feel free to text me, leave messages, comments and I will read them on the show. If you send a message while I am broadcasting I will read it and send out shots. Text me @ 614-594-9422 or just comment from my blog @ or come to Gye-Nyame Journey
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Peace & 1hunidyears

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The True Believer

"Remember that Great Minds talk about Ideas and Solutions, Good Minds talk about events, but Suckas talk about people. Which category do you fit in"
Brother ha2tim
I just was blessed today with a gift. This gift is rare in this day and time, at least for me. It was a conversation about ideas. The talk started out as a 5 minute checkin but was transformed into a 2 hour tour de force of ideas. The central theme was success within an organization and in life. The one point that kept coming out was being able to become and develope true believers. Wiithout belief all things fall apart. When we look at all succesful organizations and people we see at the core a belief that holds the people and the individual on course. Belief is the one thing that seperate the great and the not so great. Those who as individual or as an organization that are succesful are those who practice a belief in themselves and/or a goal. This belief sustains them in the hungry seasons of life, and gives them the strength to carry the burden that is forced on them from others doubt.
I know to talk about belief in the midst of a culture that depends on data and best practices seems out dated, but if both of these things are applied without the belief to back them failure is sure to show its face.
On this Journey you have to take time to review what you believe about yourself and who or what you believe in (I talk about this in my book “The Players Pyramid” in the chapter entitled Imani). When you look at this you can make the needed adjustments in your life and organization to move you quicker to your over all goal……SUCCESS
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Peace and 1hunidyears

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Final Goodbye

We enter this life/
as flesh and bone on a quest/
final prize is death/

"As i stood over his bed looking down on him, i was at a lost of words. How do you say goodbye when you truly know that you may never see someone again in this life?"
Although this may sound like a chapter out of a book. This is a true experience that many of us go through. With ageing parents and grand parents. How do we say goodbye to the pillars of our lives? These people who may have provided you with the foundation to become the beautiful person you are today. I am in this very situation myself.  My Grandfather appears to be in between worlds. His body seems to be slowly decaying and shuting down on him, and his mind and memory are gone.
"He reaches out to the empty air grabbing or pointing at something that is not there and his breathing is heavy and rattles likes and childs toy."
I cant help but remember this man as he was but the reality of where he is slaps me in the face. Should I mourn? Should I celibrate that he is moving on to a better place?
"I feel his chest and my hand hits bone where flesh use to be. I rub his head and say a silent prayer for him."
As i walked to the truck to leave my son runs to me and ask me if it is time to go, and I say yes. He is happy and begins to run to the truck. I stop him and tell him that he needs to go say bye to pepa. He goes and returns and ask me " why isn't pepa moving", I take a breath and explains that Pepa is dying. He gives me a blank stare. He doesn't know what that means. I explain the process and in talking with the young Cleven it makes it easier for me to deal with the old Cleven (Pepa) passing on.
I guess the proper way to say goodbye is to rejoice in that person's life, and to help others understand their passing. By talking with my son my Imani was renewed, because even though death is the final mystery, with imani (faith) I know what it is. I cant explain it but having faith (imani) in the process and sharing that makes the final goodbye easier.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


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Here is an old blog from 11-18-10 discussing spirituality read and then check out my podcast "what is spirituality".

Connection to all/
True spirituality/
Based on relations/

Spirituality is simply about relationships. Managing and maintaining relationships with the living, and those who have made their transition. The four legged, the rocks, the plants, the Earth as an organism, and mother.When we deal with these relationships and humble ourselves and understand that we are "No higher than a Blade of grass, and no lower than its roots", when we strive to feel this connection to all life, and work with it; this my friend is true Spirituality. If a person does not work to cultivate relationships in their life, I dont care how many books they read,how much they know, how many rituals they participate in or even lead. I don't care how many times a week they go to a service, its not spiritual, and the practice of spirituality is not there.

So strive to connect with those in your life. go out into nature, enjoy a sunrise, marvel at a waterfall, Hug your children or a tree, compliment a co-worker, or cheer someone up. Strive to connect with the enviroment you are in. Stop confusing spirituality with book sense, they are two different things. Some of the most intelligent people, are the most unconnected individuals. They can recite entire books, quote scripture, but can not feel any of it. They can breeze threw your town and hype everyone up,but have a conversation with them and you will understand what I mean. Stop being lead astray, seek the Spirit, and the spirit will find you.
HINT: look outside the city, to intensify your experience!!!

Join the Journey, and feel free to invite your friends to join the Journey @

Brother Ha2tim
Nation Builder
HipHop Philosopha & Shaman
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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Two Stories about the Truth

Here are two stories about Truth that struck me as powerful. The first is from a class that I took in my college days that stuck with me until today, and the second I recently ran into while going over some Zen tales. So check them out:

In the beginning the first man and woman were sitting wondering and discussing Truth. They approached the Creator and asked that they be given the Truth. The Creator denied their request, saying that they were not ready for the Truth. They continued to ask over and over again when ever they got a chance. Finally after a time the Creator respecting their persistence gave in to their request. Before the truth was given to them, they were warned that the Truth is a heavy burden and that they may live to regret their request. Man and woman were excited and prepared themselves for this gift. The Creator formed the Truth into a giant mirror and placed this new burden on the shoulders of Man and Woman. At first the Truth didn't seem to heavy or much of a burden, but eventually they began to falter and the Truth fell to the earth and shattered into pieces. As Man and Woman looked at the shattered pieces all over the earth they began to regret their request. At that time before their eyes other men and women began to rise up from the shattered pieces. The other men and women  looked at the shattered pieces they arose from and picked them up. Looking at their piece of mirror they held, and admiring the beauty of it they all exclaimed at the same time "look I have found the Truth", and ran off to populate the earth.  Men and Women have been fighting over those pieces of Truth ever since.

Zen story:

One day the "Evil One", was travelling through a town with one of his aids. They saw a man doing walking meditation whose face lit up in wonder. The man had just found something on the ground in front of him. The "Evil One's" aid asked his master "what is it that he found that has him enraptured", and the "Evil One" replied "a piece of Truth."
The aid then asked "Master, doesn't it bother you when someone finds a piece of truth?" the "Evil One" laughed and said "no, because usually right after they find a piece of Truth they make a belief out of it!"

Think on those stories and hit me up.........