End of The World Show

As my 12-21-2012 broadcast approaches I just can't help but to wonder what will happen (although I know). You have to excuse me for my cynicism. You have to realize that I have been through these type of scares so many times in my life, that I have become numb to the idea about the end of the world. I have been listening to shows, reading books, and etc. about this date that I can't wait to see what is next. You see with all these failed attempts there is always another prophesy that follow on the heels of the last failed attempt. i cant but help but to laugh at the attempts to feel the masses with a sense of fear and foreboding about the future. I cant understand why we don't have leadership that embrace some of the new research that is coming out about the power of the human mind. Rather than preparing people for old prophesies that condemn the vast majority of the population of this planet to doom, why not motivate people with an idea or a prophesy of Abundance, Joy, and Enlightenment. 
What is the problem with getting the masses motivated and more importantly inspired about the opportunities that the future holds. This old world view of "Doom and Gloom" is dead and it is time for those on the "Journey" to paint pictures, sing songs, write stories, recite poetry, produce movies and music that moves us forward. These times have made it more possible than any other time to do this. The internet and all the tools that go with it has made it possible for those of like mind to make changes in the thoughts of those around us. What is even better is that we don't even have to work together to make change happen, hell we don't have to be on the same page or even come from the same book. 
I will be doing my radio show and I will have a good time, and I invite you to join me. Drop the fear and embrace joy, because we are moving into a new era. The change that approaches is not one of  destruction but one of Creation. The question is what will you be creating for yourself and those in your immediate circle. The motto for this New Era is "Where your mind goes your ass will follow". 
The  question that I am asking my listeners and readers is simple, "what are you focusing your mind on, and what habits are you training your brain to enforce". I believe since people have put so much mental energy on 12-21-12 something is going to happen, but it will be so subtle that many may not even notice the change. Especially if they have not been working on themselves. Those of you that have been putting in the work prepare to manifest your goals. We are moving into an era of the mind and those who have been putting in the work will begin to benefit. 
Here are some of the changes that you will begin to notice:
*you will begin to hang in new circles, many of the old sad, and negative friends will begin to fade away at least away from you
*opportunities will begin to pop up for you
*Skills that you have been working on will begin to payout for you
*projects that use to give you problems will become easy for you
*you will get a new fervor for life, and strong burst of energy
*your skill will begin to be recognized and financial, emotional, and spiritual rewards will flow toward you
*new insights, and powerful ideas will begin to flow your way, and unlike in the past you will be able to articulate and write them out
*things will seem to good to be true (beware, if you allow your mind to dwell to long on what could go wrong rather than what you could do to make things better you will "fall off"
These are just a few and more will come to you if you are open and willing to travel outside the training you have received. 

Tune in Thursday 12-20-12 at 11:59pm and bring in 12-21 in with Gye-Nyame Journey and let's Celebrate. Feel free to text me, leave messages, comments and I will read them on the show. If you send a message while I am broadcasting I will read it and send out shots. Text me @ 614-594-9422 or just comment from my blog @ www.gyenyamejourney.com or come to Gye-Nyame Journey
Nuff Said
Peace & 1hunidyears


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