Gratitude & Grace on the Journey

On this Journey it is important that we begin to show gratitude for all the blessings that we receive. This is a challenge in a world that seems to want to help you find all that is wrong in your life. Let us take a closer look at this thing gratitude and then talk about an exercise that can help you in finding those bright spots. I know that many of you may think that there are no bright spots, but trust me they are there.
Through my research and even more importantly my experience I have learned that the human mind and brain are tools to be used in life. We can train them to seek out certain things in the world. If you chose to seek out things to be grateful for you will find them. Without going into the complicated science of the brain, and what we know of the mind these tools have been shaped by evolution (if you prefer God) to seek out what we want from the world. This effect is the result of us descending from hunter gatherers in the past. Hunters had to be able to read signs, and find clues that lead them to there prey. This required focus, and the ability to observe. Hunting also required us to become empathetic with our prey, which gave us the ability to get inside of our prey's head and predict their movements. These same abilities although they may seem useless in our modern times are the skills that can help us shape our lives into what we want them to be.
Now lets take a look at gratitude; gratitude is a state of being grateful, also known as being thankful. Looking into gratitude we see the word "grateful", and this word share roots with the word Grace. Taking 'grace' out of the religious realm we can define it as a "undeserved favor". So gratitude is being thankful for something that we may not deserve. Now this brings us back to the exercise that will help us improve our lives. I am instructing you to hunt Grace. That is, place the idea of finding undeserved favors in your life, and then show Gratitude for them. I want you to begin to look for "undeserved favors" that pop up in your life like, someone allowing you cut in line, finding a penny, watching a sunset, and etc.. The favors do not have to be anything big, they just have to be noticed. When receive them be grateful and either thank the person or say a silent thank you inside.
When we set out to do this simple exercise for the week, we begin to see an increase in these "graces" flowing into our lives, and the longer we practice the more they increase in frequency and size. This is one of the most important exercises that you can do on the Journey. So reread and get busy hunting your grace. remember to read the signs of Grace, get focused, and observe everything around you waiting for your prey. If you continue to practice hunting Grace maybe you become a master and be able to empathetic with your prey and know where your blessings are before they get there.
Nuff said
Peace & 1hunid years


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