First Interview with a Witch in the Journey

I was challenged today as I prepared for my weekly "FreeStyle Friday Show" . As I was preparing my mic and checking the music that I was going to play, a young man approached me and asked what type of music I was listening to. I explained that I was preparing to broadcast my show as I untangled myself from all the wires. He Took an immediate interest and asked if I do interviews. I said sure and welcomed him to come over and join the show, and what a show it was.
It turns out that the young man was a High Priest in a Wiccan Covenant near Columbus. Now here is the challenge....
Should I give in to the fear of my old beliefs..... fears of public criticism.....fear of spells and potions....
Hell no, I jumped in and had a good interview and discussion. The show might turn some heads and scare some people, but it is a big world and I am going to run into a lot of different things, and have run into some different things.
So I challenge my listeners to get through your fear and checkout the interview.

Here are some of the questions we dealt with in the discussion:
what is wicca?
why is the world scared of your faith?
what are some of the connection between wicca and other faiths?
Do wiccans believe in hell?
What is the difference between Magic and Magick?
Give some examples of a wiccan ritual.
what is spirituality?
How does wicca work?
what is shamanism and how does it connect with Wicca?
Why were there witch hunts?
and many more things came out....
What you may discover, as uncomfortable as it may be for most of you, is that there are more similarities than differences in all faiths than are ALLOWED to meet the eye. hahahaahahaaa


Here is direct link "Interview with a Wiccan"


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