The Phoenix- Symbol of transcendence & transformation
This is your time to leave your mark on the world. On the Journey this year my goal is to wake you up and help you move into your birthright. Many of us have been comfortable playing in the shadows, and hiding our light. Now is the time to awaken.
The world is in need of your ideas
The world is need of you skills
The world is in need of your talents
The world is in need of your light
So stop hiding, and allow yourself to shine.
You are the one we have been waiting for, and now I am asking you to "Wake up and Leave your mark on the world!"
That's why I am calling this the #yearofthe#, because those of you bold enough to join the Journey, through the books, podcast, and events will begin to leave your mark first on the internet, then in  life, and then upon world.
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