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Transform Your Life: The Power of Attention & Money

  Transform Your Life: The Power of Attention & Money Have you ever heard the saying, "Where your attention flows, so does your money"? It might sound like an old wives' tale, but there's a profound wisdom within it. As we grow and experience life, we start to realize that our focus dictates our financial flow. Where we choose to direct our attention, we often also invest our resources. This essential insight could be a game-changer for our communities and us as individuals. Ask yourself, "What am I focusing on?" Then, critically evaluate whether those focal points contribute positively to you, your family, your community, and your tribe. Here are five compelling reasons why your attention is as valuable as your wealth: Reflection of Values: Your financial choices mirror your values and beliefs. Where you focus your attention and money often reflects what you hold dear. Commitment Indicator: When you invest your money in something, it demonstrates your

Full Time Required

  Full Time Required Great Kujichagulia: Once again I greet you on this Kujichagulia within the 4th cycle of the year of 2022 in the week of Kujichagulia. Man o Man have I been getting insights on the other side of my fast. For those that don't know, the 21 day challenge is structured like a pyramid, and the beginning is a hard and steep climb, but once we hit the peak and start to descend we begin to get insights. This works like this for more than just the fast. Anything that you choose to use the #21DayNguzoSabaChallenge for will do the same. Just make it past the peak and you will see. "Once again I greet you on this Kujichagulia within the 4th cycle of the year of 2022 in the week of Umoja." The thought today was being full time. Family in order for us to become free we have to start building in time for us to work on our private projects. At the beginning regardless of what you are working on it will be hard, but if we stay determined we will be able to do it. We ha


The Phoenix- Symbol of transcendence & transformation This is your time to leave your mark on the world. On the Journey this year my goal is to wake you up and help you move into your birthright. Many of us have been comfortable playing in the shadows, and hiding our light. Now is the time to awaken. The world is in need of your ideas The world is need of you skills The world is in need of your talents The world is in need of your light So stop hiding, and allow yourself to shine. You are the one we have been waiting for, and now I am asking you to "Wake up and Leave your mark on the world!" That's why I am calling this the #yearofthe#, because those of you bold enough to join the Journey, through the books, podcast, and events will begin to leave your mark first on the internet, then in  life, and then upon world. Join the Gye-Nyame Journey by signing up for this site or: +Gye-Nyame Journey Gye-Nyame Journey FB Gye-Nyame Journey on Spreaker

Revisiting Grace

  The concept of Grace has weighed heavily on my mind as of late. I was shocked at the power of this simple principle as I looked into it. I was truly acquainted with Grace as I put together the Millennium 7. I had to find a few new principles to use for a character building curriculum that I was putting together for young people.  I first had to research and replace some of the principles that I had always used. This is when I ran into the principle of gratitude. I placed it among many of the principles that I had used from the Nguzo Saba and replaced cooperative economics. I figured Gratitude would be a good replacement for it, and that I would be able to use the basic lessons that I had used for cooperative economics. I began my research and was amazed at where it took me. I began by breaking down the word gratitude and found that it lead to the word grateful. Both of these words meant being thankful. Grateful lead me to the word gracious, which was basically a thankful attitude,

The Power of your Family Pyrmid

During a recent class I had the pleasure of giving, I challenged the participants to build a "Family Pyramid". A family pyramid is simple a family tree flipped upside down. The idea of this exercise to help the participant to recognize their greatness as well as to help them develop a sense of destiny. Most of the participants completed the assignment. I moved into a discussion about each individual being on earth  for a purpose and the way I used to prove this to them was showing them how many people had to come together in their personal pyramid in order for them to exist. I explained that each individual within their personal pyramid had to come together exactly at the right time in order for them to exist. I further asked them to imagine that everybody within their personal pyramid was brought together by destiny just to produce them. Then I threw out the question "if these people were brought together in the past just so that you can have this moment what are you do

Thank you

Thank you very much/ For within your behaviors/ Lies a lesson for me/ I have not posted in a while. I don't know if it is because of frustration or just plain laziness. Today the inspiration hit me and I didn't have time to write at work but I felt it was important enough to pen my thoughts on this situation. Modern tech has made it so easy to share and I have been investing a lot of time on my spreaker station, but this Ha2ku needed to be discussed through the pen or should I say the key board. While working with young people today I ran into a young man whose behaviors were irrateing me to no end. He couldn't or wouldn't (I don't know which) stop moving or talking with me. He was a case study for persistence. He had it set in his mind that he was going to get what he wanted and started asking me for it over and over and over and over..... hopefully you get the idea. I noticed my breathing began to shift and became shallow I noticed my body began to heat up,