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The Frogs Who Desired a King

The Frogs Who Desired a King is one of Aesop's Fables and numbered 44 in the Perry Index. Throughout its history, the story has been given a political application. According to the earliest source, Phaedrus, the story concerns a group of frogs who called on the great god Zeus to send them a king.
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The Frogs Desiring a King - General Fable collection
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The Frogs Asking For A King

Stop looking for leaders and leadership outside yourself.
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Session 82

Here is the next session on the Journey, as we move through 2014 moving toward mastery. This week I am discussing the 5 elements of the human being Intution, Mental, Emotional, Spirit, and Body. 
Monday- we discussed the Body
Tuesday- we discussed the Spirit
Wednesday- we discussed the Emotions
Thursday- we discussed Mental
Friday- we discussed Intutuion
So today I am asking you to "Give yourself permission to experience your emotion."
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I am really looking forward to this Saturdays session hope to see you there.

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Be sure to help support the Journey. Checkout some of our products that help keep you inspired.
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Hip-Hop Through ROP - Google+
Join us for our session on 4-19-2014

Several groups have come together to build a process that embraces Hip-Hop culture and the process of ROP. The group is a partnership between Gye-Nyame Journey, Spiritual Roots Society, and the Columbus Chapter of SIMBA Circle. We will explore Hip-Hop culture using the book "Hip-Hop Decoded" by Black Dot.
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Tribal Quotes

Checkout my latest podcast that will be aired during the week. This show will help you move "Above And Beyond" join the #sessionhabit.
This podcast will assist you in your journey to SelfMastery.By helping you plug into your own wisdom by exploring the compiled quotes and proverbs of others.
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Brother ha2tim
SelfMastery Coach
Urban Shaman
Hip-Hop Philosopha


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