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Friday, March 17, 2017

Freestyle Nia- Discussion with Queen Najla Parish

Peace FAM
We had a great discussion tonight. Queen Najla came on and we chopped it up about the Ancestors, spirituality, meditation, and etc.. Listen in and make sure you checkout her YouTube channel. We also had FAM call in and join the discussion make sure you catch that because brother Shaka, and brother Dame Lee from Illy ave. was droppin some jewels. Checkout the show and let me know what you think.
OH YEAH i messed up and know body caught the fact that I called the show Freestyle Friday. Somebody should have checked me and reminded me that Friday is dead and Nia is the Point of focus.
Peace & 1hunidyears

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

FolkTales For Grown Folks - The Wolf & The Goat

Peace FAM:
I would share the video from my Youtube but the Picture qulaity is not that good so here is the footage from FB. Checkout the show and let me know what you think, and remember "These Folktales aren't just for kids". Get the wisdom and "Let's Build!!!"

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hustler'$ Inspiration 2

Hustler'$ In$piration -

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Hustler'$ In$piration banner

Hustler'$ In$piration

The Frogs Who Desired a King

The Frogs Who Desired a King is one of Aesop's Fables and numbered 44 in the Perry Index. Throughout its history, the story has been given a political application. According to the earliest source, Phaedrus, the story concerns a group of frogs who called on the great god Zeus to send them a king.
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The Frogs Desiring a King - General Fable collection
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The Frogs Asking For A King

Stop looking for leaders and leadership outside yourself.
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Session 82

Here is the next session on the Journey, as we move through 2014 moving toward mastery. This week I am discussing the 5 elements of the human being Intution, Mental, Emotional, Spirit, and Body. 
Monday- we discussed the Body
Tuesday- we discussed the Spirit
Wednesday- we discussed the Emotions
Thursday- we discussed Mental
Friday- we discussed Intutuion
So today I am asking you to "Give yourself permission to experience your emotion."
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I am really looking forward to this Saturdays session hope to see you there.

Gye-Nyame Journey Store

Be sure to help support the Journey. Checkout some of our products that help keep you inspired.
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Hip-Hop Through ROP - Google+
Join us for our session on 4-19-2014

Several groups have come together to build a process that embraces Hip-Hop culture and the process of ROP. The group is a partnership between Gye-Nyame Journey, Spiritual Roots Society, and the Columbus Chapter of SIMBA Circle. We will explore Hip-Hop culture using the book "Hip-Hop Decoded" by Black Dot.
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Tribal Quotes

Checkout my latest podcast that will be aired during the week. This show will help you move "Above And Beyond" join the #sessionhabit.
This podcast will assist you in your journey to SelfMastery.By helping you plug into your own wisdom by exploring the compiled quotes and proverbs of others.
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Brother ha2tim
SelfMastery Coach
Urban Shaman
Hip-Hop Philosopha

Monday, January 27, 2014

Give Yourself Permission Listeners

I would like to welcome all of my new listeners, thank you for joining the Journey. Together we will explore the world, better ourselves, and accomplish our goals. When I first started #giveyourselfpermission I did not expect to build up a network so quickly. I stress the word network because that is what we have become. Daily you tune in and give me the blessing of your time, the gift of your listening ear and I just open my mouth and pray that what comes out will help, and inspire who ever tunes in. This show is yours and by investing your time you create the content. I have decided to throw another hash-tag out to mark our territory, #asmilethenamile. This hash-tag is how we will be able to share our progress on the Journey with each other. I encourage each listener to begin your own program of personal mastery. I chose to meditate for at least 10 minutes which brings a smile to my face, and then I hit my mile run which takes me about 10 minutes. These small steps are my personal way of mastering myself. Now as a a member of this team I would hope that you create something similar for yourself. I stress doing something when you wake up that will make you smile like meditation, prayer, mirror exercise, sing a song, say a verse from a favorite book, write a poem, post something in your journal or something else you create. By starting our morning with a smile we generate a energy that will build in our lives and help attract what we are seeking for our life. The smile is a symbol for us that sets our mindset for the day, and gives us control.We start our day on a positive note that is self generated, and relies only on the creative power that was granted to us  by our Maker. Then we take this positive mindset out into the world spreading a energy that can balance out all the negativity that may come our way.
After we set our smile we move into our physical activity that takes the smile from a simple mental aspect of our personal development and move it into our body. Now I choose to run but you may chose some other physical workout. I recommend that you set your goal for at least 10 minutes (because it takes me around 10 minutes to run a mile). You can do yoga, jumping jacks, walk, push-ups, sit-ups, or what ever physical activity you feel. Just make sure it is something that you can do on a consistent basis. Start small and work yourself to your goal.
As you start to implement this program you will begin to see small changes in your life, and the more you do it, the more personal power you develop.  To help each of us I have have created the hash-tag #asmilethenamile that we can post at the end of our sessions detailing the accomplishments we have made each day. I will monitor this hash-tag and begin to announce each of your accomplishments along with your name so that we can begin to follow and inspire each other. Once again I want to stress the fact that this is a network, and by us helping each other we can do nothing but grow.
Here is an example post that can be used on g+, FB, or twitter:
I just walked on the treadmill for 10 minutes #asmilethenamile
I woke up and started writing in my journal #asmilethenamile
*The smile- is a symbol for mental well being that is brought on by a personal action that a member of the Journey has taken.
*The mile- is a symbol for the physical action that a person on the Journey takes that stimulates the body that last between 8-10 minutes.

Nuff said
peace & 1hunidyears

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Magic Hour

The idea of starting this show came from a conversation I had with one of my brothers. This was long before the internet was in our pockets and shaping our lives the way it does today. We made a plan to create a internet radio station called "GyeWeb Radio", that independent artist could use to promote their music. We wanted to provide a venue for the unheard artist to air and promote their skills. The ultimate goal was to help independent artist build a fan base outside of the main music industry and develop a revenue stream to support what they do. We felt that the industry was choking the life out of Hip-Hop, and we had a grand plan to save it. Unfortunately the cost at this time would have been in the 10's of thousands of dollars. With the financial crisis looming and by getting caught up in the "Great Real-Estate Hustle" we didn't have the money to finance the project.
Fast forward about 10 years and now with the advancements in the internet and the development of android it cost absolutely nothing. I have never been one who would let a great opportunity slide through my fingers so after building a small audience for my shows I decided to start integrating some music on some of my podcast. I reached out to some artist and got no response or not as an enthusiastic response as I would have hoped. Then out of the blue one night DJ Kid Magic Rock called to check on me. He said these words as we ended our conversation "Bra, let me know if there is anything I can do to help you." I hung up the phone and thought no more about it for a day or so then the idea for a show hit me. I called Kid back and he flooded me with tracks. I didn't know what to do with all that material so I called Kid back and suggested that he do a show and send it to me and I will air it and help with the promotion. That is the birth of the Magic Hour.
Looking at it in hindsight Kid Magic Rock is the perfect person to lead this effort. He has been producing for over 20 years and has thousands of tracks of original form the gut and soul hip-hop. These tracks are tracks of people who suffered and lived their music. Who spent their last money in some cases to put their creation on tape, cd and now MP3. Now I have the means to help them put it out and that is exactly what I am going to do.
So if you are an independent artist and you have some hot tracks and want to get them aired hit us up. This is Hip-Hop, we just happen to be in Ohio. If you love Hip-Hop and hiphop music and want to support, feel free to donate on this page or better yet buy some music from one of the artist that you hear on the show. " I realize that the internet has leveled the playing field and now I am striking like Hannibal Barka to take hiphop music back. " If you are tired of the corporate radio stations controlling what you hear you are in the right place click the link "and I will show how deep the rabbit hole goes". On our shows you will get hiphop live and uncut you will hear philosophers
, thugs,wantabe pimps, kings, queens, harlots, gods,and etc., the way it was meant to be.
Peace & 1hunidyears

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Change in the Journey's Podcast

Beginning with my next live broadcast I will add Google+ hangouts to the broadcast. I have been experimenting with the idea, and will launch it on my next live broadcast. The idea is to provide video and another way to interact with my audience. The show will  broadcast on youtube  and allow the listener to respond immediately as well as participate in my experiment with emergence. The listener will be able to send direct messages as well as share their thoughts on the shows notepad. The idea is to have people  share insights disappointments, ideas, discussion points and etc. with the entire audience. Everyone that checks into the hangout will be able to use the notepad and leave their mark on the show.
The one negative is that i will have to mute myself from the discussion. I will be able to hear (maybe), but I will not be able to speak while the show is running.  Because I will be broadcasting over Youtube there is no limit to how many people can tune in and participate, but to get the full experience they will have to run Google+  hangout and spreaker until I get word on how to integrate both apps.
This move will allow  the Journey to build an audience that drives the show and the discussion, and also brings the host and guest into the home of the listeners, so that the show is less like a talk show and more like a community ( +Gye-Nyame Journey  ), or better yet a moving, dynamic, and living organism.  Better yet the experience will be like no other show on the planet. On my blog I have often talked about the idea of emergence, and with this format as the audience grows so will the surprises that will be launched into the discussion. 
This will be another challenge for me because I will have to respond to multiple ideas  coming at me from all directions, which is how I like it. So come on out and join me as I move out in to my social experiment. I can only wonder  about what will come from this.
Nuff said
Peace and 1hunidyears

Friday, November 23, 2012

FreeStyle Fridays and Music

good news for those that checkout my shows. On my shows that are done through the computer i will begin adding music to the show. I will be playing stuff that unless you are music buff you may never hear. I have been searching my Pandora for old and new cuts that help me think and I think some of the songs you will love. They will not be from the radio, they will be shelved and mixed up so you are liable to here a eclectic mix that will make you want to dance, cry, and may even make you angry that I played that shit. This the next evolution for the work that I have been doing and I hope you enjoy.
Nuff said
Peace and 1hunidyears

Monday, July 23, 2012

Checkout FreeStyle Friday

This week show was packed and we had a good time. I need to stress that these events are open to the public and i would love to meet some of my listeners in Columbus, Oh. We had an Open discussion we hit on the dark knight rampage, the new batman movie, pet goat video, conspiracy, symbolism and etc..Enjoy and feel free to share.
Open discussion we hit on the dark knight rampage, the new batman movie, pet goat video, conspiracy, symbolism and etc..Enjoy and feel free to share
Hopefully I will see you or hear from you next week, you can send me a message through the spreaker message bar, or you can text in comments or questions, just be sure to share your name 614-594-9422. This is also my business number, so if you want more info about the books or the Journey feel free to hit me up or text.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Most Popular Podcast - Player's Pyramid Series

for all those that have been following the journey I thank you. for those of you that are new let me take this time and welcome you to the Tribe. I have  been slowly putting out my book "The Player's Pyramid", and now I have been putting together a Podcast based on the system that i developed. For those who would like to follow along I will post all of the information for you to go through and begin your Journey.
For all those that want to support the Journey you can purchase the book as a PDF at PLAYER'S PDF if you want to purchase the paperback click PLAYER'S PAPERBACK :

for  those that want a free peak goto the page listed on this site Player's Pyramid...

to checkout my podcast join me on spreaker by clicking "Gye-Nyame Journey Podcast" you can follow the show or follow me ha2tim
for those that want quick access to the pod cast here you go:

All these are available for to listen to, learn from, comment on, and share. If you like them and want to give to support the Journey you can hit the Tip Jar until I make them available on gumroad.
Nuff said

Friday, June 22, 2012

Hookah and Conversation

Checkout the open mic conversations as I drop into one of my Hookah spots and open the conversation. This week we happened to be at the Shi-sha Lounge in Columbus. This spot lais back and right off campus and you never know who will drop in to say hello. this week we hit on:
the third tool in the book "The Player's Pyramid" added to earlier description that I shared today. From a lesson I got from my youngest daughter trying to drive my car.
I shared a lesson from the vault of my grandfathers wisdom, and from a request shared a fable created by Aesop called the "The eagle and the Kite" of coursed remixed in a Hip-Hop fashion.
This led into a conversation about relationships, sex, emotional connection, security, the mask we wear, lies of commission, and omission, etc..
check it out and feel free to check out both podcast1 and podcast2...

Be the thousand person and help me hit my first milestone. next stop 10000 hits on my spreaker shows, and 200 hundred followers. so join the Journey.