Friday, March 17, 2017

Daily Toast- Nia (If you not on Purpose you are a hinderance)

Peace FAM:
I approach you on this beautiful day of Nia, I just need to stress that everyday is beautiful when it is yours. By taking your time back through the #nguzosabachallenge, everyday can be yours as well. For those that are interested in taking the challenge just click the link & hit me up. Those that take the 21 day challenge will receive a PDF of a calender that will help you track your progress, and some other exclusive information that will keep you motivated and moving to the next level. FAM I am serious about "This Thing Of Ours", now is the time for us to build. We have the information, we have the skills, and we have the resources collectively. Your ancestors are awaiting to assist you in your move to greatness, "Why you Stallin"!!!
Today once again we hit on the proverb of the week "let shame come upon those who would hinder the rising of the dead", and I hit on the idea that those of us that are not on our purpose become a hindering force with in our tribe. They unknowingly stop the rising of those within their circle, and more importantly they stunt their own rise. They hide their light and rob the world of the gifts that they were supposed to bring. So the challenge that I have for you today is to get on your purpose. Watch, like, subscribe, and most importantly share. Let's Build!!!
Nuff Said
Peace & 1hunidyears

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