Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Daily Toast- Ujima 45171 City mouse or country mouse)

Peace FAM:
The word of the day is illusion, for those that may not be familiar with this word it means "something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality". Today in my discussion about Ujima, I focus on some of the illusions that we are exposed to about the collective, and individual. We have been deluded into believing in the doctrine of the rugged individual. This rugged individual has forces himself to succeed through sheer grit and determination. He or she is a self made wo/man. Let me help you out, this type of person does not exist. Human beings are social creatures and requires the aid of others to survive, even in this modern day jungle. This illusion is weaved to help keep those oppressed trapped. They continue to feed you deluded messages about this rugged individual in hopes that you will model yourself after it. Because as rugged individuals we have no need for community, we have no need for a collective, and we have no need to conserve our wealth. We got it all by ourselves and so should everybody else. This is the extreme of pulling yourself up by your own"boot straps", but know body ever brings in the question where did the person get the boots, the straps, and the laces. More than likely the person received the boots from someone in his/her collective. We are taught to disrespect the power of the collective and when we do this we cripple ourselves. It is from the collective that all greatness comes, first from the collective self (IMESP) then the collective group. We are ultimately the product of the people are raised around. We are also the sum total of all of the events, and opportunities that have come our way, all of which comes from our collective. 
Checkout video and leave your thoughts, about this principle...
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