Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Setting Rituals/Routines Will Change Your Life - Daily Toast Umoja 612171

Peace FAM:
I often say "Let's Build", but many people don't understand that I am talking about building ourselves. We have to realize that from a Gye-Nyame Journey Perspective, all of our principles start within the individual. We have to find Umoja within before we can find it in the world. We have to pull the five parts of ourselves together so that we can direct that power toward achieving our goals. The second method that I am going to share with you (first was SelfMastery moment) to help you along this journey is simply setting up a ritual. A ritual is defined as an established or prescribed procedure for a religion or other rite, the main reason I connected the word routine into this discussion is that with routine you don't get the religious under tone. Many people believe that you can't have rituals or rites without religion, and that is a trick that is played on you. When look at what religions were created for we see that they help the user salute the divine. Now family let me ask you, what is more divine than yourself? I am not trying to pump you up, but the fact of the matter is that you are divine being walking on this planet. You have trillions of cells under your dominion, and each one of them, you are responsible for. If you don't take care of them they begin to deteriorate and take you with them. You have the divine power of being able to heal yourself, and guide all of the beings that make up you in one direction. My friend I believe that is divine. The idea of religion has been misused, by many, and now you may be caught in a cycle that encourages you to surrender your power, and in return have faith.
This is why I also used the word routine, which is a derivative of the word route. The question on the table now is what is the route, the daily route in which you follow. A routine is a specific patten or path that an individual follows to get from one destination to another. Now let's take some time and combine these two words and we get a route that we consciously follow. I don't drop the word ritual because it hold a idea of conscious practice to me that I believe need to be present so that we can grow in the fashion we want, and in some cases need. Routines can be and being created without very much thought being invested.
Basically family when you add the idea of ritual/routine with the 1 minute rule you have  a powerful weapon that will give you insights that you can use. Nuff Said


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