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Monday, August 10, 2020

Daily Toast - Umoja "Let's open the lines"

Grab your glass and join us. I had some problems with the stream but we pushed through this morning.


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Setting Rituals/Routines Will Change Your Life - Daily Toast Umoja 612171

Peace FAM:
I often say "Let's Build", but many people don't understand that I am talking about building ourselves. We have to realize that from a Gye-Nyame Journey Perspective, all of our principles start within the individual. We have to find Umoja within before we can find it in the world. We have to pull the five parts of ourselves together so that we can direct that power toward achieving our goals. The second method that I am going to share with you (first was SelfMastery moment) to help you along this journey is simply setting up a ritual. A ritual is defined as an established or prescribed procedure for a religion or other rite, the main reason I connected the word routine into this discussion is that with routine you don't get the religious under tone. Many people believe that you can't have rituals or rites without religion, and that is a trick that is played on you. When look at what religions were created for we see that they help the user salute the divine. Now family let me ask you, what is more divine than yourself? I am not trying to pump you up, but the fact of the matter is that you are divine being walking on this planet. You have trillions of cells under your dominion, and each one of them, you are responsible for. If you don't take care of them they begin to deteriorate and take you with them. You have the divine power of being able to heal yourself, and guide all of the beings that make up you in one direction. My friend I believe that is divine. The idea of religion has been misused, by many, and now you may be caught in a cycle that encourages you to surrender your power, and in return have faith.
This is why I also used the word routine, which is a derivative of the word route. The question on the table now is what is the route, the daily route in which you follow. A routine is a specific patten or path that an individual follows to get from one destination to another. Now let's take some time and combine these two words and we get a route that we consciously follow. I don't drop the word ritual because it hold a idea of conscious practice to me that I believe need to be present so that we can grow in the fashion we want, and in some cases need. Routines can be and being created without very much thought being invested.
Basically family when you add the idea of ritual/routine with the 1 minute rule you have  a powerful weapon that will give you insights that you can use. Nuff Said


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Daily Toast- Ujima 322171 (Our Collective Responsibility)

Peace FAM
Once again we are blessed to sit down and toast our ancestors. I am grateful that this idea hit me. This process get's me up at unspeakable times in the morning, got me learning a new skill, constantly have to be thinking, and lastly be able to free style on a single topic for long periods of time. Hard but as the ancestors teach "The best life is achieved through sytematic process" and I have system. Actually I have thank all of you that have been tuning in and checking the articles, listening to the podcast, and viewing the videos. I am feeling good about the direction and rate of growth, and I am looking forward to the future challenges that may come. So those of you that are on GNJ get ready because when the challenge hits me it will also be looking for you. Just consider the fact that challenges are what makes us move into our greatness, no one has ever made change from a comfortable position.
Today we talk about Ujima, and I am stressing the fact that we have a collective responsibility to not only work on ourselves, but we have to build up our tribes and communities for our future generations. We have the responsibility to not only leave our children in better positions but we must leave them a different set of problems to deal with. Our people can't keep fighting the same problems and make progress. Each generations is supposed to not only solve an issue but crush and reform into a stepping stone for our progeny. We have a lot of work to do but FAM it can get done, of course with your help.
Nuff said
Peace & 1hunidyears

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Daily Toast- Umoja 227171

We have made it to another Umoja, and almost made it through another month. We are going strong with these toast, and by now you should be seeing the effects. Umoja is the point in our principle system where all of the principles we have been working on come together to produce results. Today take some time to notice where the principle Umoja has been working in your life. Where have things been coming together for you. Umoja is unity, but also on this day we deal with the Maatic principle of Truth, and the Hermetic Law of Mentalism.
Speaking of the Law Of Mentalism, let's explore this law throught the lense of Umoja. The principle of Umoja reminds that everything is connected and and interdependent. If we take this as Truth (Maat) we can take our principles to another level.  The Law of Metalism states that "Everything is mental, and everything is a mental creation of the All", now this means that the entire Creation is formed through mental energy. Mental energy proceeds from the mind, and can be manipulated with mind. Our Creator is described as the The All in all, in the hermetic writings, and this mean that this All is within you. This "All" is waiting to be activated by you, the only thing that is preventing this is your lack of unity within yourself, and your lack of consciousness. We can look back at the proverb that has been spurring me this week, "Awake out of thy suffering, O thou who liest prostrate! Awake thou! Thy head is in the horizon". I know that I have been on this for the last few days, but the truth (Maatic principle) rings so loud for me that I want, better yet I need you to get it. In our unconscious state, our walking sleep we miss out on the power that lie within us. We our lying prostrate suffering, but why are we suffering. We suffer because we do not realize that all of the pain, torment, horror, sadness, and grief are creations of our own making. We are caught within a mental illusion that is being cast over us, by ourselves. In our prostrate postion we can not see this, and others take advantage of our lack of site. They profit from our suffering, not because they have escaped the trap, but because their illusions have convinced them that they can releave some of their suffering by tormenting others, but it doesn't.
When we as individuals, and groups begin to rise from our prostrate positon, by unifying the five elements of our being (IMESP), and become conscious of where, when, and most importantly who we are, the shackles fall off and the suffering ceases. So on this powerful day once again let's focus on getting our mind right, and learn to master the other elements within us, so that we can turn this world from what it is to what we and our children need it to be.
Nuff said
Peace & 1hunidyears