The Gina Gee Project- Fidget Spinner & Tricks

Peace FAM:
Gina Gee and tha Mosh are at it again. This time they are sharing their fidget spinners that they received from their grandmother. Gina starts off the video by chasing her little sister away from the video camera and then gets into doing her tricks with the fidget spinner. My kids appear to enjoy the spinners, but I strongly suggest that they keep them at home rather than bring them to school. I have notices that they are big distraction in the classroom, especially the ones with the lights.
I allow my Gina and the crew to use them in the car and the house. The spinner helped keep a little confusion down in the car especially since everyone has their own. Now I can't wait to see what the next fad will be. Hopefully this time I can get Gina Gee & Shasha Mosh a head of the curve, but they are new at this video production thing.
Gina request that those that take the time to watch and read this post help her get up to 3000 views and likes, now I don't believe in  crushing my children's dreams, so we will do what we can to push her to her number. I don't know where she got 3000 from, but "from the mouth of babes" prophesies can flow.
I hope that you are enjoying the videos, but I as ask that if you have children share with them. There is room on YouTube for more young people to do "there thing", Gina and Shasha have been playing with making videos for a while now, and I finally decided to stop fighting it and let them create, and I have been pleasantly surprised. I only expect for my two ladies to get better, and to want to get involved in the editing. I believe that the best way to learn something is by doing it, and I can teach them math, writing, acting, story telling, reading analytics and etc.. Better yet I can let them learn it themselves because they have an interested. We need to learn to encourage our kids to find things that they like and to try them, even if they fail, because in failure the ultimate lessons are learned. Checkout the video and let her and Tha Mosh know what you think. By the way we will be adding some more young people to the project as well, so stay tuned.

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