Monday, January 15, 2018

The Path Of The Warrior

Peace FAM:
 Sitting here on this beautiful Holy Day that has been set aside for one of our Ancestor Martin Luther King, I can't help but to reflect on the warrior path. There are many misconception about this concept, and many people are probably confused on why I would write an article talking about the warrior path & mentioning MLK. For me personally The Honorable Martin Luther King is a perfect example of  a person on the warrior path. Most of us define the idea of warrior by what we can do, but the warrior path is about what we won't do. I have been quoting Amos Wilson for the last few weeks, and I ran across a definition that he gave for manhood, but this definition is not limited to men. This idea that he puts out is good for warriorship as well. He states that "being a man is the mastery of impulses", I believe that this is the key to warriorship as well. Being able to face pain, and a ability to suffer are all good traits for a  warrior, but all of them pale in comparison to mastering impulses. An impulse is a sudden, involuntary inclination prompting action. Being able to master and reign over an impulse requires a great amount of power, an internal strength that can only come from some one that is committed to something. To resist an impulse which is a natural rising of energy that demands your attention and needs to be addressed immediately, is unnatural. I would to say that it is supernatural. To be able to face impulses that arise in life and death situation, and rule over them. To be faced with major temptation in our regular lives and be able to resist, is once again unnatural, and calls for us to call on strength that is beyond us. One who is truly on the warrior path knows that they are never alone, and they have the ability to call on the axe' of their ancestors, the love of their people, the strength of their cause, and the power of their Higher Power to pull them through. This divine ability is gained through attaching oneself to a transcendent cause, and allowing that energy to flow through you and into the world.
Now back to MLK, he was able to fight impulses, and even deeper he was able to inspire other people to do the same. Now FAM I must ask you can you Master your impulses.

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