The Secret Power Behind Community and Culture (sample)

 From Ujamaa to Ubuntu, the African experience of community and the empowerment it leads to is well written about. Collective work and responsibility — ujima — is a simple word that carries a significant amount of power. It states that we are responsible for ourselves and each other — not just in our daily interactions, but also in building a better world for us all to live in. Imagine a group of people who truly understand what they do, why they're doing it, and how their problems can be solved by helping others solve their own problems. A group of people with everyday jobs working together towards a common goal. Ujima is a fascinating process in African culture. The concept itself — a synthesis of collectivism and empowerment — seems to be something that can be applied everywhere, not just by Africans. Whether you're simply redefining your job or trying to change the world, Ujima has shown to be an amazingly powerful tool. It's especially significant in education. It's up to us, then, to discover the power behind Ujima wherever we can and bring that power into the rest of our lives. If you’re looking to gain a new perspective on life and the world, or simply want to explore a more holistic way of thinking about community, then I encourage you to sign up for our GNJ Email List. These blog articles are just a short pieces of a larger puzzle that i put together daily for those that sign up for the email list. Listen in and signup for the email to learn more. For example this morning we will give 14 secrets behind community (Tribe) and culture.

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