Breaking Umoja Down To Its Very Last Compound

Great Umoja:

We are in the week of kujichagulia and now we have to figure out how to see these powerful, life changing principles through the lense of Kujichagulia. To get things started let's look at what the principle Kujichagulia is: Kujichagulia speaks of us defining ourselves, naming ourselves, creating for ourselves and speaking for ourselves. This principle is about creating reality. Using the power of words to shape the world we exist in. Now to apply that concept to the other principles will be a joy.

Today we are on the principle of unity, and kujichagulia demands that we take the time to define what this principle is. "We need to break it down to it's very last compound." Let's be clear we can't do anything until we have a clear definition of what this principle is. Unity is being or existing together as one; undivided or unbroken completeness or totality with nothing wanting; harmonious cooperation; agreement; unification; uniformity; consistency; correspondence. In order for us as a people, any people for that matter, to move forward we must be united on our objectives and our goals. If we truly want anything from anyone outside of our community. Before we can impose unity on the outside world we must first explore the Umoja force and how it applies to our individual lives. It is easy to look into a group that has been miseducated, misled, and misfed and say that we will never get anywhere because of the group but what Kujichagulia demands is that we turn the lense on ourselves and our own behaviors. Just the fact that you are reading this lets me know that you are one of the few that is striving to do the internal work. So let's take some time and define the Umoja in our lives. What does Umoja mean to you? How do you manifest Umoja in your personal life? These are some questions that we can start off with in this Self inventory. Please take your time with these two questions so that we can look at what Umoja means to you. After you have done the personal work, and truly sat with Umoja and are clear with what it looks like to you, now begin to expand your conversation.

What does Umoja look like in your Family?

What does it look like in your tribe?

What does it look like in your village?

What does it look like in your community?

All of these conservations, and the work that goes along with Umoja needs to be carried out. Please be advised that all of our principles require work and sacrifice. They are not just mental concepts that can be used to wow an audience. Umoja requires you to define it, and its role in your life. Which sounds easy until you begin to realize that you may have to begin cutting people off that are violating your idea of what Umoja is. This is why it is good to find a tribe because this part of the process can be very lonely. But once you have the Umoja force working in your life you will be amazed with peace and the safety that it brings. When a family/group comes together it increases synergy and the energy (i.e. economy) of that group, which empowers the individual within the group. Umoja is the root cause of our individual and collective wealth (i.e. health). So by being clear about what Umoja is using the principle of Kujichagulia we empower not only ourselves but the circle of people around us.


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