Breaking The Cycle


Breaking the Cycle 

Great Nia

Great day FAM, we have made it to the day of Nia in the week of Nia, and now we have to look at Nia through the eyes of Nia. Wow, I didn’t think about this until I sat down on my keyboard and started pounding out this blog. The Purpose of purpose. Why do we do what we do? Are you living a life on purpose or are you living on accident. Do you Know why you are doing and pursuing what you are doing and pursuing? Sounds like stupid questions, but many people when asked can not answer these questions outside of using the term “I have too”. Many of us are trapped in a cycle of accidents, and don’t know how to get out! So here is where we continue the process. Looking at the ways in which we can break the cycles that we are presently in. If you have started building on the ideas that we have been sharing for the last few weeks, you will eventually begin to see changes within yourself, and eventually you begin to affect the environment that you are in. Remember that you “eat an elephant one bite at a time”. The same with activating the principle of purpose  within your life. Your overall purpose will be large but now we need to look at the big picture and start breaking it down into smaller pieces that allow you to find minor success. When we start building the systems that we talk about throughout the concept of SelfMastery  of Gye-Nyame tribe. One of our proverbs taken from the AOTL states “That the best life is achieved by engagement with systematic processes”, our goal is to help you build a systematic process that you use to apply to these small chunks that you will break down from your major purpose.

“Are you tired of living in the accident cycle? Don't know why I am doing this or that cycle? Are you sick of not having a purpose and being lost in life?”

First after you have established what your main purpose is I want you to begin to break it down into smaller parts that can be achieved. The reason for this is that some people get “gungho” about the process and believe that they can accomplish something major in a small amount of time. They don’t realize that achieving a purpose in life is a long and tedious process, and if you can accomplish it in two weeks it was never major. Therefore we have to look at what we decided to come back to this world and do and start pulling out the steps that we can begin to work toward. After I accomplish the step I move to the next step. Let’s just say that I find out that my purpose is educating people. Maybe I like giving people information about their culture and then pushing them into using that information to improve their personal lives and their  immediate community. The problem is that no one is paying people to educate Black folks about themselves, and especially if they are going to use that knowledge to challenge the status quo. So I have to establish a way to do this. Let’s say that one day I am looking at Youtube and find out that people are able to disseminate information on their field of expertise, and upon further study I find out that they are doing this and they are able to make a living. From here I take this information and decide how I am going to be able to live my purpose.

“I want people to start shaking up their communities and make them self-sufficient.”

Now those that have been involved with Gye-Nyame know that we have a system for doing this (Player’s Pyramid) so let’s look at it. First I decide that I need to take action. I decide to start a media company and call it GNJMedia. I look at what it is I have to do and break it down into small pieces:

Large Purpose: giving people information about their culture (African-Centered) and then pushing them into using that information to improve their personal lives and their immediate community.

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  1. I need to gather useful information to share

  2. I have to learn about podcasting & streaming my content

  3. Begin broadcasting information that I have 

  4. Provide people with useful information through books, ebooks, and etc.,

  5. Build and support a following of people that I am giving value to, above and beyond what everyone else is doing

  6. Begin to learn about newer platforms and apps that can assist me to spread the word 

Now that we have established our small pieces let’s apply our system. Once again  we will be coming from the “Player’s Pyramid”( digital version). In the PP we start with the principle of Imani because for us Imani is the foundation of the Nguzo Saba. Now we take the first step and we walk through the next step:

  1. Establish faith in my own abilities. This is accomplished through practicing the skills necessary. In the step I am gathering the information that I need for my shows, and materials that I will be distributing. I gather and practice putting the information to work, for example I might get in the mirror and practice talking about the information, share info with small groups, and push it till I am proficient enough for the next step to materialize. (Imani)

  2. If I am serious with my practice I will periodically hit zones in which I will be able to create in the moment. If I am speaking for example, I will notice stuff will begin to flow out of me that I did not know that I knew, and I will be able to find unique and original ways to convey the information. (Kuumba)

  3. Now I am able to review my overall purpose and redouble my efforts to achieve my proficiency at this goal. This is a dangerous point because often in the midst of this step we forget about the overall goal and get stuck here. We are better than when we started but it is not the final destination.(Nia)

  4. At this point we can increase the amount of investment of time and resources that we need to accomplish this piece of the goal. We also will notice that other people will begin to show interest in what we are doing, and begin to help push or even support us. At this point we also need to do a self evaluation to see if we are focusing our major 5 resources into this endeavor as well. (Ujamaa)

  5. Here we are investing all 5 of our being into this venture, and now we are attracting others to what we are doing. We have to be careful here because once again we can be pulled off track.(Ujima)

  6. This is the point where we will have to apply our self determination, because at this point we may be getting bored, or maybe frustrated because we may not be getting the response from those around us. This is the point where we begin to run into the metaphorical wall, and it truly has become hard. In fact this is the point where many of the friends and family that we thought would appreciate what we are doing begin to fall off, and even begin to talk about you, using words like crazy to describe you. At this point you have to remember that you are not crazy, you are driven by your overall purpose. (Kujichagulia)

  7. This is the point of unity where everything begins to come together for you and all the work starts paying off, but now you have to start over on point 2. (Umoja)

Through this simple process you will begin to refine the path to your purpose. Remember the steps that you laid out are not carved in stone or holy writ, you can make changes as your focus increases or maybe you will be put in a spot where you see things differently and may need to change course. Make your adjustment and feel no guilt or shame, because you my friend are doing what 85% of people refuse to do, and 10% can’t do. One other practice that you will need to add to help you in your growth, and this is important, you need to............ 

I never said that the process was easy, but it is necessary to fulfill your true purpose. Many people stumble into this process but you my dear reader are able to get it right here if you just take some time to work it out. Of course there is more to it but this is enough to start on. We will continue on with this conversation on Kuumba talking about plugging into our intuition and being able to create on the fly. This is necessary especially if you are creating something new. See you tomorrow


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