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Sunday, June 25, 2017

What Are Your Duties

Peace FAM:
I greet you on this great Kuumba day. We lift our glasses and  toast our ancestors, for me this is a duty. This is something that I have to do, a duty. One early morning before the toast I was listening to NPR and heard a story about the youngest prince of England's role family. He stated that him nor none of his siblings want to step in the role of King, but would fuflill their duty if called upon. My mind started working, and I saw a direct connection between duty and purpose. So now I have to ask you what are your duties. If you have a purpose you must have duties to accompany that purpose. I am running into many Nia driven people who have no duties that lead them to their purpose. They can define their purpose to perfection, but when asked what duties accompany the purpose they fall short.
Family take some time and build some duties that will help move you toward fufilling your purpose. Checkout the video and let me know your thoughts, don't be shy leave some comments and "Let's Build!!!"

Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Power Of Tart Cherry- Nia Daily Toast 62171

Peace FAM:
Once again their is a powerful natural helper out there that we have been walking by everyday. I remember climbing and eating those tart cherries right from the branches. He would have thought that those nasty cherries that use to give me the runs would end up being something that could help my community. So let's find some tart cherry trees and have our kids climb them and bring down the fruit so that we can eat together.
Checkout the video, Like, Subscribe, and more Importantly SHARE.
I wish Power, Peace, Joy, & 1hunidyears

Friday, May 5, 2017

Daily Toast- Nia 55171 "The Tao Of Ignorance"

Peace FAM:
Great Nia, and welcome to GNJ. I was excited about this video, it came together in a dream. I began to question the idea of ignorance, and the role it plays in the life of my people. After reflecting I began to notice the role it plays in my own personal development. I have been held back because of my ignorance, or my ability to ignore. As a people we have been well trained in the art of ignoring. Ignorance when I think about it is an art, and has been perfected by certain segments of our family. Checkout the video, join the 21 Day Nguzo Saba Challenge, and be on the lookout for GNJ's 21 week warrior training click the link to stay in the loop.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Daily Toast - Nia 421171 "The fox that thought he was a Lion"

Peace FAM:

"Greatness is forged in the heart, the heat is provided by the trials and tibulations of your life. It is shaped by the 5 tools of our being, cooled by our mastery of the 6 emotions, and formed into shape by our adherence to the 7 Principles."
quote from a future book by ha2tim
We are up and toasting those ancestors, I want to send shots out to all those that join me for the feed at 4:15 am est on Facebook. I am trying to let yall know that I am not playing with this. Slowly but surely we will change ourselves and by doing that we will will impact the world.
Today I bottled some Ambrosia for one of the daily viewers of the Toast on FB. Those who have already placed their orders for this batch, know that you have not been forgotten. I have some of my best SCOBYs working on it as we speak. I will be bottling tonight and they will be ready by Sunday evening, depending on the weather, and how well they are breathing in the second brewing.
Now today I cover to stories in talking about the Principle of the day. One I constructed from all my experience with Aesop fables, and the second story comes from an actual event in Ghana. I hope that you get the message that was meant for you, and I also hope that you like, subscribe and more importantly share. Also remember to register for the 21 Day Nguzo Saba Challenge. One of the benefits is that everyone that is on the challenge gets better access to "That Ambrosia" when they give to the Journey. remember we practice reciprocity around here, when you give to GNJ, GNJ gives back to you. Checkout the video and let me know what you think.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Daily Toast - Nia 414171 224 Self Help Process

Peace FAM:
Nia is purpose as you all know by now, and it is important that we begin existing on purpose. It appears to me that for the last century, we have carried on as if we are stumbling through life. Of course their have been some bright spots but for some reason we have refused to pick up the flame of those times. It appears that we like groveling in the dark, waiting for luck to drop us an opportunity. Ladies and gentlemen their is no luck, either we change our position or we will stay stuck, and when society no longer needs us we will be discarded upon the trash heap of history. Only remembered because our enemies will have constructed false monument to salute our people. I for one will work against this. I have for the last 20 years  been working on developing organizations, plans, and etc., to help set my people free, but I am beginning to understand that just because you look like me does not mean that you are of me. I have had to change my focus, and begin to look at how to develop the kind of people that are needed for the coming battles. Individual development with the purpose of resurrection of the people is the road that I have decided to take.
I had to come up with a system that can separate the real from the unreal, and of course the answer was given to me by our ancestors. Our ancestors used systems of initiation and apprenticeship to help develop the individual worthy of the people, so we developed the system called the 224 Self Help Process. The system is simply a pledge to yourself that you will spend at least 2 hours everyday working on developing yourself. Considering the fact your enemies are working 24-7 to keep you stuck and confused, 2 hours is not a lot to give. The one thing that i know that when people start dedicating time to this system they will begin to find out that 2 hours is not enough. They will begin to slowly increase the time. What eventually will happen is that the user will move toward mastery of the skills that they have been practicing, and that mastery will begin to attract the resources that they need to spend more time on developing further mastery. Many of the obstacles that were there in the beginning will begin to fall away to make room, and the 2 hours will begin to blossom into a true liberating practice.
Give it a try and let me know how it goes:
Nuff Said
Peace, Power, Joy & 1hunidyears

Friday, April 7, 2017

Daily Toast- Nia 46171 (Helping Others Find There Nia Through A Challenge)

Peace FAM:
I greet you on this beautiful Day of Nia. I am up and ready to get at the world. I have recently launched the 21 Day Nguzo Saba Challenge, and I feel good. I have Identified my purpose and now I have found a mechanism to share it with the world. Click the link and allow me to help you identify your purpose, or if you know your purpose already allow me to help you intensify your pursuit. It is time that we stop living our lives according to other peoples rules. Especially when those others base their economic growth on your failure. Nia is the day where we are able to refocus our efforts and get after what it is we were born to do. Stop wasting the little bit of time you have on this earth making others reality better, future secure. Let's begin to plug into our true power and unleash it on the world. This is exactly why I have developed the challenge. I have spent my life watching my people struggle under others banners, we learned the language and that wasn't enough. We picked their corn, cotton, sugar and tobacco, and that wasn't enough. We walked away in abject poverty asking and receiving nothing, and that wasn't enough. We got their education, and that still was not enough. Now it is time that we start moving in our purpose, on purpose. It is time for us to begin building our intuition, mind, emotions, spirit, and body so that we can use them for our own growth. I now this type of talk makes some of you nervous, but please understand that when we start to rise by developing ourselves so does everyone else. We have to focus on us first. This means moving forward to some of our traditions. This means applying nation building principles every day. This means moving in and on purpose. This means taking the time to evaluate your life and identifying who and what is adding and multiplying in your life and pulling them closer, but being brave and strong enough to remove those who are subtracting from you, and bringing division.
I set out years ago to develop something that could help people, and bring value in their life, and it all came together in my 49th year of life. I started the Nguzo Saba Challenge, I began making videos everyday, I started making "That Ambrosia", I started doing my axe' breath almost everyday, I started forcing my self into a cold shower, I started sharing the proverbs, and folktales that have been helping me through my adult life, and began seeing changes. After going through my notes, journals, diaries , and writings I started to notice that they all were pointing to me doing exactly what I am doing now; Sharing with you. Helping you identify the power that is lying in you waiting for you to begin paying more attention to it. So take the time to read over the challenge and sign up, it is free and you receive plenty of extras, suggestions of things to do, and food for thought.
Also I will begin broadcasting the Daily Toast live at 4:30am on FB live Umoja-Nia (only FAM will understand what I just wrote on Kuumba and Imani TBD, but it will go down. I know that most of you wont be up, but the toast is for those that want to take a few minutes to salute their personal ancestors. I need to stress that during this particular post we pour for our direct relatives. Those that want to participate or just watch tune in. If one of your ancestors touch your heart shot them out over the time line, and if I see it I will send a shout out. I am planning to limit this toast to 15 minutes so that I can finish production for my YouTube video. I also realize that some of you may not understand why I would toast my ancestors everyday, and that is cool stick around long enough with me and you will learn why. I also need to explain that these will not be typical libations. Instead of pouring them outward we will be pouring them inwards. We will start by drinking a glass of water together to jump start the body, at least those who see that value in what I am doing will. Next after the water we will toast our ancestors with a healthy drink, I personally use "That Ambrosia", but you can use some herbal tea, fresh juice, water, and etc..
I also need to mention that challenge can start at your leisure. I just provide the information, but I must mention that whenever you start the best day to do so is Umoja,  just to get you lined up with the rest of the group.
Nuff said
Peace & 1hunidyears

Friday, March 31, 2017

Daily Toast- Nia 331171 (Puts some Nia on it)

Peace FAM
Woke up this morning, and did not want to leave the house, but I knew I still had to do my toast. I decided to do a promo for the 21 day Nguzo Saba Challenge. After going back and checking out gumroad my excitement grew because with this product I could finally take control of my digital content.
On this Nia you can decide to exist on purpose. Nia is a spice that you can put on your life, to bring the flavor back. Take some time and challenge yourself to move to the next level. If you need help we are here to assist you. The Nguzo Saba Challenge is designed to help you apply Nia and the rest of the principles to your life, and in doing that change every aspect of it. You will be surprised how by applying this simple system you can change your reality. I have been working through the steps myself, and will be here to help you when you get stuck. The challenge is about taking back the symbols that shape our lives, establishing routines, and rituals on purpose, and aligning the 5 parts of our being. You will receive information from GNJ as well as supplemental information that  my team has been gathering for years. Now you have the choice to pick and chose what you use, but you get from the process what you put in. You will receive emails on a regular basis throughout the 21 days that you can use. You will get free pdf's of Tribal Quotes, The Players Pyramid, and the 21 Day Nguzo Saba Challenge Journal. You will receive access to our Folktale spreadsheet that connects each story to a principle and the instructions on how to use it. You will receive a video that walks you through the Axe' breath and the Gye-Nyame Salutation exercise. You will also get instructions on the Warrior Diet, and some information on the African Heritage Diet. We will also have live hangouts, as well as make someone available for you if you have any questions. You will also get access to our Nguzo Saba Challenge Community on Face book so that you can share your insights, struggles, and victories.
I know some of you are wondering why would I give all this away for free. Years of research, writing, and struggling made available for nothing. The fact of the matter is that it does cost, you have to work, and trust the process. Once the process has worked it's magic on you and your life you will come back and contribute to our Tribe. So FAM it is not free, it is a strategic move, better yet confidence in what we have to offer you, and confidence in you. We at GNJ realize that all relationship are built on give and take. We are making the first move in establishing a relationship, now it is your turn.
Nuff said
Peace & 1hunidyears

Friday, March 24, 2017

Daily Toast- Nia 3242017 (Doing it on purpose) Brinner

Peace FAM
Today's video is a little different, I cut out a lot so that I could share with you me doing what i was born to do. I am a speaker, teacher, and urban shaman that is at his best when I am in front of a crowd. Take just a few moments and checkout as I talk about my Journey with knots & ties and how they come out of a warrior tradition. Sit back and enjoy.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Daily Toast- Nia 310171 (Play & practice your position)

Peace Fam
Today's toast is a celebration of the follower, those unnamed heroes who have made civilization possible. Those people who may have known more and spoke better than the person they were following but kept their mouth shut, and played their part. Many of you may cringe when you read these words, but you have to face the fact that everyone is not a leader, in fact most people are not. I know you will probably fall into the "we are all leaders in our own life" argument but I could argue you there as well. History or at least the way we want to see it does not hoist the follower into the spot light. They teach us to focus on the leader, rather than looking at individuals that gave him the very thing that he needed, people to lead. It is these people who bring the know how to make the vision of the leader possible. It is these individuals that help and remind the leader to stay in line. It is these individuals that raise the money, and balance the books. It is these individuals that keep the meeting halls open and clean. Hell, if the followers ain't on point then the leadership will be wack. It is the unsung, that form the notes that the leader sings.
I am saying all this to encourage you to face the reality that you may not be the next Malcolm X, but may just be a "Malcolm in the middle", but by you learning to practice and play in your position, you make an invaluable contribution to the forward movement of your group, and more importantly your life. By you focusing and applying "right practice" where you are, you grow. Better yet you can create an environment where everyone around you can grow. So please play your role, the future of your tribe, and family may depend on it.

Sunday, March 5, 2017


"Say the Knowledge holders, true home is the place from which the sun breaks"

Fam, it has been a busy 48 hours, as you can see I had to work over time to get you this video, and I am still running behind. I have started to focus all my post for 7 days on a proverb or story, and up above is the proverb of this week. 
Dealing with suffering consciously, denying ourselves for the greater good, and moving toward freedom requires us to suffer. All suffering is not bad, when we are able to suffer for those things and people that matter, we transform that pain into something divine. We have problems with suffering because many of us have forgot where home is. Home is not our bodies, not the houses or apartments that we reside in. Home is beyond this plane of existence. We are here for a time, and we have a mission to complete. This requires us to suffer from time to time. Always being able to reflect back on our Nia will help you/us pull through. Checkout the video and let me know what you think.