Respect Your imani

 Great Imani:

It has been a very busy few days. I am working at the Ohio Alliance Of Black School Educators (OABSE) conference here in Columbus, Ohio. It took more time that I expected but it was worth it. It is great to hear about all the work that is going on with schools, especially when it comes to Black children.

"Imani - a collective force rooted in community"

I was trying to record my show but my daughter wanted to take a long walk in the woods in the dark. So I accepted her challenge and we ended up going four miles. Needless to say after the long day, and the evening into night walk, I was exhausted and would have not been able to give yall my all. I am bringing this up because it was a lesson in it about Imani. My daughter was excited to go for our walk but as it started to get dark, the excitement started to turn into fear. Before the sun totally disappeared she was running around picking flowers, running ahead of me, and lagging behind. As the darkness solidified she was all up on me. Grabbing my arm looking around. Her fear was evident, but her faith in me and my ability to get us to where we were going was beautiful. She asked to go out knowing that she would be scared but she believed in her heart that I would let nothing happen to her. Just thought I would share that before I got into the rant for the day. We are in the week of the great Ujima, and we are on the bright and shining Imani. Today's Rant is entitled Respect your Imani.

"Never let you surroundings or people keep you from your dreams"

The thought for this rant hit me, while I was sitting in my van feeling good about the world. When the thought of being a G.O.A.T, and how many people here proclaim that they are a G.O.A.T, or even state that they are striving to be a goat. I believe that we should stop trying to be a goat and start being the greatest in your time (G.I.Y.T), DO YOU!!!, and allow your great grands to argue about your place in history. Striving to be the best of all time takes your mind out of this time, the NOW. Being present is a skill that we have to work on mastering, as a matter of fact people spend years in meditation trying to achieve this state. Let me help you get an idea of this state so that you can use it in your life. Being present is something you achieve when you are wholey involved in an activity. In sports They call it getting into the zone. This zone state is a state that totally exists in the present. When you achieve it the future and the past melt away and your 5 parts of being are all in the same time and space working together. This zone state is void of fear and doubt, in other words you are expressing total Imani. Now, here is the question: do you imagine that those individuals that we consider G.O.A.Ts were thinking about being G.O.A.Ts or were they immersed in the WORK. Getting a relationship with Imani is key for those that want to move toward greatness, but Imani requires us to be present in the moment. It doesn't care about about your past failures or your future goals.

"Start being the greatest in your time and let your great grands decide where you rank"

Rather than focusing on being G.O.A.Ts we need to change our paradigm and become G.I.Y.Ts. Being the Greatest In Your Time, this opens you up to imani to work on your behalf. When you have faith in what you can do now and focus on the WORK, it opens you up to the true power of imani. It allows you to be focused and do your best in the moment, and not have the pressure of tomorrow and what people will think about your performance. When you are worried about impressing others you are putting more faith in their opinion than in the power of Imani, which robs you!!!!

"Being the Greatest In Your Time, opens you up to imani"

The goal is to respect the power of your Imani, focus your energy into that. When you are able to do that, you will leave your grands something to really talk about.


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