Kuumba Can Free Us!......Maybe

 Kuumba Can Free Us!......Maybe

Great Kuumba:

It is the start of another day, and I want to greet you and thank you for checking out this blog and hopefully you have joined the email list or maybe even considered becoming a supporter. We have made it to our Kuumba post and eventual show. We are in the week of Ujamaa and it flew through. I can't say it was easy, but it was fast. In changing up my schedule I have thrown myself totally off, right now I am at my adventure, and have on the wrong day shirt. I guess it will take a few more weeks before I am totally in sync with my style. Every day I am trying to create content of value for you to get and use. The most surprising thing for me is that I am not a Kuumba baby, because I spend a lot of time at her altar. Each and every day is a creative event for me so believe me when I say I am no stranger to Ms. Kuumba. Now Let's get to the discussion.

“Ujamaa is about more than just living in a community. It is truly about working together and sharing.”

We are on the principle of kuumba during the week of Ujamaa (We are also in the year of Kuumba), and I don't think that I really have to explain the connection between these two principles. Ujamaa is about Cooperating and resources. Learning how to bring our resources together in the community and build something lasting, but in order to build we need Kuumba. The creative spark that lies within each of us. The mother of our imagination and innovation. How can we seriously consider harnessing our resources without consulting the Mother principle. It is from her womb that the universe sprang. Kuumba is the divine spark that connects us to the creator, which gives us the ability to show and share the divine power of creation.

“We need to bring Kuumba back to bring back Ujamaa.”

With Kuumba we are able to take the little we have, and create value that we can exchange with the world. It is the use of Kuumba that will enable us to move our community from the state that it is in, to what we want it to be. Unfortunately it appears that people are either ashamed to use their Kuumba or it is being sold for pennies to uplift others. When we start pulling our minds together and learning to focus (using our ujamaa) we can do incredible things. We have to first stop being afraid of being initiated by kuumba. Kuumba requires us to get past our fear of failure and embarrassment, if we are not willing to suffer for the power to create we don’t get it. If we are ever going to solve the issues around Ujamaa in our community it is going to come from people who have tapped into their creativity. 

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“With Kuumba we are able to take the little we have, and create value that we can exchange with the world. It is the use of Kuumba that will enable us to move our community from the state that it is in, to the state we want it to be!”

What is incredible to me is that it appears that our communities are overflowing with the blessing of Kuumba, but we only seem to be able to harness this power for others. This is a throwback to the situation I mentioned in the last two articles. This demonstrates that our culture has been subjected to a stronger or more violent culture. We have been educated to overlook what our Kuumba can do for us and can only manifest it to serve the master culture. For us to break this spell we first must begin to plug in to our true culture and allow the principle to take root within us. We need to be able to give it time and space to come to fruition, but this seems like an impossibility because all of our time is being bought for the service of other causes and cultures, and we don’t own our space. Although this is a bad situation it is not unbeatable. This requires us to do something that sounds easy, we must begin to love ourselves. We have to put in the true work of love and not the window dressing that we have become accustomed to. Real love requires being able to forgive ourselves, and our community. It requires empathy for ourselves and our community. It requires us to serve ourselves, and serve our community. Love has been turned into a show that delivers nothing but a show rather than the underlying power that gives us and those around us the courage to plunge ourselves into the fires of the initiation of Kuumba.

“When we love ourselves, our power grows and out of this place we can begin to harness our culture and give it to ourselves so that we may serve the needs of our community instead of everyone else.”

In fact the more I step back and look at our peoples situation I am beginning to pick a showy, sitcomish feel. I am noticing more and more people performing roles, rather than being authentic. They are acting as if there is an invisible audience watching, and they will do anything to satisfy this audience. If you don’t “stay awake” you will fall straight into the roles. All that has to happen is for someone to come in with their emotional energy and people are falling out of alignment. This is why it is important to pull the 5 parts into alignment and stay focused, because a single part out of balance can pull you into the mad show and before you know it yo have wrecked a few relationships, and may have changed the course of someone's life. Know… Thinak about the fact that all of this is in the realm of Kuumba. Instead of the energy being guided toward building up what's ours, it is moving toward destruction. In fact we refer to these situations as drama! Drama is defined as a play for theater, radio, or television, first, then it is an exciting, emotional, or unexpected series of events or set of circumstances. We have people's whole life being guided by this out of control creative energy, that is usually caused by the imagination, thoughts, prayers, and action of the person in the middle. 

“Being a responsible citizen is an act of rebellion. The more we build up what’s ours, the more we are considered socially deviant by the status quo, and the madder they get, because they are losing power.”

The major challenge for those on the GNJ Journey, conscious lifestyle, or Kwanzaa lifestyle is simply walking away. The people that are involved in these dramas are skilled actors and will pour it on so that you will believe that you have to get involved. The goal for you is to remember who you are, and pull on your own Kuumba to get out of these situations. Because they have nothing to do with getting you, your tribe, or your community free. Learn to use your Ujamaa to pull on some of the resources that you have in your life to help remove you from groups and help remove people like this from your life.

“You must remove the signs and the people who are distracting and detouring you from your spiritual journey if you want to live a radically better life!”

To close out the basic idea of this post and if you are a supporter podcast is that Kuumba is the Mother principle, and we need to  understand that Kuumba is inextricably connected to Ujamaa and without her our potential for success will be greatly diminished.


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