#NguzoSabaChallenge 7 - A Talk With An Ancestor

#NguzoSabaChallenge 7 - A Talk With An Ancestor

 Great Imani:

This is the final day of the third cycle of this year. We are in the Imani week and on the day of Imani. I decided to spend the whole week talking about the #NguzoSabaChallenge and we have accomplished the mission. For those that might be new the #NguzoSabaChallenge is a process that you can use to change your life. By plugging into our culture by way of principles, proverbs, and folktales. 

I decided to take it easy and experiment. I am now on the seventh day of my fast and feeling good right now. The major test is in front of me, for next week I will only be doing water. So I took my Kuumba day and got creative. I won't go in detail, but I ended up taking something that was supposed to help me find some clarity. I shut down my whole day for this ritual. Woke up, informed my family that I would be unavailable, and then went to my room and took the medicine and waited. I knew that it would take some time so I put on some meditation sounds, and continued to wait. Put the phone on do not disturb, chased everybody away, and continued to wait. 1.5 hours later I got nothing, so I went to my favorite spot, the Tub. Ran a nice hot bath, and had a short vision. Now the issue with this is that I don’t need help having visions in the tub. I can do that on my own. Vision was good though.

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In the vision I was at my grandmother's house. I was shocked because it looked like it always did, and I felt at home. My grandmother (Mema) called me and I was trying to answer her but she couldn’t hear me. She came to where I was and popped me on the head, and told me that I could not answer her because I was still trying to answer in my world. I needed to focus on where she was so that we could communicate, and she stated that I needed to hurry up because we didn't have a lot of time. I got mind right and she led me through the house. I was amazed that house looked just like I remembered it. Mema told me that she had a lesson for me but in order to get it I needed to take out the trash. I went to the back porch to get the trash and almost passed out, because it was a lot of trash. So I got the work because I wanted the lesson from my Ancestor. So I worked hard and completed the mission. Mema then called and told me it was time to go. I asked about the lesson and she said that I got it. Not trying to sound ungrateful or stupid I said “I must have missed it, all I did was take out the trash!” She stopped and said that was the lesson. She looked at me and said “OJay, always take out the trash!” 

I was confused and she could see it, and she said “you took out all that trash and never looked at what you were throwing away”, I said no because I never looked at the trash before I just did my job. “Well let me help you, the trash that you took out today were dead and useless part of your life that you have been allowing to pile up and slow you down. A bunch of old doubts, old angers, old grief that you have allowed to stay within you and rot. So the lesson that I hope that you get from this is what I always had you do when you lived with me. You were and are now responsible to take out the trash at least once a week. Do not allow the junk of your life to pile up because it is ugly and it stinks. It drops the value of who you are.” All I could say was yes ma’am because it was time to go.

Now I don’t know if this came from the medicine or was this something that was on my mind, but either way I figured that I would share this with you on this powerful day of Imani. Maybe you can walk away with something you can use in your life. I know for myself that I tend to hold on to things that erode my faith, trust and belief mainly in myself, and this can be hazardous in the field that I am in. It definitely can hinder me when it comes to erecting my personal pyramid (Player’s Pyramid)

I will see yall tomorrow.


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