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The youth of today are dealing with issues that we never dealt with; we are raising a generation of children who are exposed to everything. I say that our community needs to take the leadership role in molding and shaping our youth so they can become productive adults, who understand how to be leaders in their homes, communities, and workplaces. The issue is not “what do they know '' but rather “what do they know how to do” when it comes to being a man or woman.

What is “rite of passage” ?

Rite of passage is a ritual or ceremony to mark or celebrate the transition from one social state to another. It is commonly associated with such milestones as childbirth, puberty, marriage, and death. In a rite of passage, the initiate goes through an ordeal that challenges them physically and mentally, often involving symbolic death and rebirth into a new life. Examples of this include Christian baptism and confirmation; Jewish bar mitzvah; Confucian jinzi (son-making); Hindu upanayana (boy's initiation); Muslim hijra (boy to man); Islamic circumcision for boys; Indigenous Australian initiation ceremonies; Indonesian peregrination festivals; Japanese seijin shiki (youth ceremony) for young adults who graduate from school.

Why should we implement rites of passage in our community ?

Rites of passage are important because they help children develop a sense of identity, learn how to make good decisions and choices and be self-disciplined.

In our modern culture we have lost the ability to teach these essential life lessons. We live in a society where there are no real consequences for bad behavior, so children do not feel any need for self-discipline or making good decisions.

When children go through rites of passage they are forced to reflect on who they are as individuals; this helps them develop a sense of identity. It also makes them realize that there is a difference between right and wrong - something which our modern world fails miserably at instilling in its citizens!

How do we implement rites of passage in our community ?
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An important way to implement rites of passage in our community is by creating rituals, ceremonies and other activities that are meaningful. These can include mentoring, guidance and education. Rituals can also be created with positive role models who embody the values of the community, such as family or community support. Through these rites of passage, we can provide opportunities for growth within our community by supporting each other with love and care. A sense of identity will develop as we identify ourselves with this culture through shared experiences in which we express ourselves through art forms like dance or music; play sports together as a group; conduct ceremonies with ritual objects such as drumming circles; perform rituals like fasting together on holy days; pray together at church services; get involved in philanthropic activities through volunteering etcetera .

Our youth deserve to be mentored and guided through man & womanhood and I am challenging my community to take up the mantle.

A rite of passage is a unique, culturally-rooted social experience that helps young people learn how to be a man or woman. The purpose of the rite is to teach youth how to become confident and responsible adults.

Rites are not just limited to African Americans. They can take place anywhere in the world where there is an organized community with a certain set of beliefs about what it means to be an adult. For example, some Native American tribes have rituals for boys as they turn 13 years old that include fasting, being secluded from their families and dressing up in different types of clothing (which represents different stages in life). Some Asian cultures have similar traditions where girls come together with their mothers at a special ceremony called Chūgen no Hikari (a ceremony that takes place around age 15) which also includes wearing new clothes while having fun with friends and family members before they go off on their own journey as young adults after graduating high school or college.


The community that is formed around rites will inevitably give back more than it takes from you. We have been living in a society that has been led by the corporate agenda and I believe that it is up to us to change the game. We must do what no one else has done before us, so let us take inspiration from those who have gone before us, create a community that is strong and determined, provide for each other and for those who come after us so that when they ask the question “How did you get here?” They may answer “We were led by people like you!”


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